Monday, February 25, 2013

Xero Huarache's

So a few days ago i got this in the mail...

That is a first class USPS mail envelope from Boulder Colorado. I ordered some Huaraches from Xeroshoes. They used to call themselves Invisible shoes but now they changed names into xeroshoes, but they still sell the same huaraches. I ordered the DIY kit which costs 40$ plus shipping, and i had to make them myself oh Joy.

I opened up the envelope and i found a pair of outer 4mm feeltrue outsoles, some nylon strings and a hole puncher. There is another choice of soles which were called the 6mm impact, but i always wanted the most "barefoot" experience from any minimalist footwear I buy, so i ordered the 4 mm feeltrue's.
This should be easy to make right?
Making the hoes is easy, I just line up my feet on the soles and used a hammer and the hole puncher and punched the hole in. Now, Huaraches are Customarily a "string and shoe" style footwear, but there are many ways of tying them onto your feet. Some people tied them so that they look like those roman sandals girls wear nowadays, but i wanted something simple and easy to get on and off. There are a variety of tying instructions on the xeroshoes website, but i choose the basic xero style because thats what they used for their custom made xero's.

Fashion wise, these guys go great with everything. I regarded them as replacements for my birkenstocks that my uncle snatched from me, thus they have that "tropical island" atmosphere to them. They are good for walking and maybe some light running, alright they ARE good for runing because Huaraches are essentially traditional running sandals of the Tarahumara Indians. The ground feel, amazing. They feel as good as my KSO's because the soles are so thin yet they feel protective.

The only thing you need to look after when making these are accuracy. I had 2 holes on both my right and left huarache because i made a mistake on punching the holes. When punching the holes make sure that the positioning is as near to the gap between your first and second toe and nearer to the 2nd toem because when you run and walk, the sandals tend to go inward.

The next thing to consider is trimming and cutting the soles. Now the guy at Xero said that if they fit, I should wear them as is and not trim them. But after a test drive in the mall i felt that because they are a bit big for me, they flop around and i loose the barefoot feel. So i had to cut trim them to BARELY touching my toes to make them feel more comfortable on walks and jogs.

Other than that the Huaraches feel awesome. They have a good barefoot feel, they dont cost as much as any other Huaraches, they are versatile enough for the trails, and they are quite stylish :).

If your interested in buying a pair, check out xeroshoes . And if you have any questions about them, just call or email Steven Sashen the CEO, He'll be happy to help or maybe lecture you in barefoot running -_-.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ios jailbreaking

As an avid iPhone user and a jailbreak ios user for years now, i have experienced the highs, lows, and the changes in the ios Jailbreaking world. The constant struggle between apple and the jailbreaking community in releasing new updates and better jailbreaking tools has raged on and is still on as we speak right now. In this new age of technology however, the hacker guys releasing the Jailbreaking tools has also released more sophisticated jailbreaking tools to jailbreak our ios devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

I will be sharing my thoughts and experience i have gained during these years of jailbreaking and getting bricked...

1. The version limitations

Back when I was still using my old 3g, we were still using ios 3, up until ios 4 apple made a new software policy from making us unable to downgrade our software versions in order for us to jailbreak easier or for other reasons. Apple made us upgrade and restore only to the latest ios version that is already out from apple. That means I cant Jailbreak my phone because the Jailbreaking tool i used is unable to jailbreak the phone with a newer software version.

Right now the current ios version out is 6.1.2 and luckily the current poplar jailbreak tool evasi0n is able to expose the exploit from the iphone ios. evasi0n started out as a tool made for ios 6.0, after apple released newer versions of ios 6, the hackers behind evasi0n was able to modify it in order for it to be able to jailbreak newer versions of ios. There are times when we had to wait months for a jailbreak tool to be able to jailbreak newer ios versions, but now i think we still have the upper hand.

2. Simplified procedures 


The procedures for jailbreaking the iPhone was too daunting even for me back in the old times of jailbreaking. I used to use redsn0w to jailbreak all my iDevices. The problem with that is that i need to have the iphone restore file also known as the .ipsw file, then i need to hold some buttons for a certain times and if i missed it i had to start all over again, then there was the waiting time for me to stare at a pineaple running away from apple...

But then there was absinthe, absinthe is a jailbreaking tool for ios 5. Unlike redsn0w, absinthe is able to jailbreak by itself. All we need to do is plug the iphone to a computer, start absinthe, then wait for an absinthe icon to appear in the phone, and hit the button then "swish" just like that the phone is jailbroken. Well after hitting the icon in the phone the jailbreak process takes some time to complete but we dont need to hold certain buttons, or even look for an .ipsw because absinthe does it by itself.

And absinthe's successor evasi0n is is also easy to use, and it has a better looking icon too.

3. United we stand tall

There were multiple jailbreaking tools on the internet when the jailbreaking craze boomed. There was blackra1n by Geohot, then redsn0w by the iphone dev team who also released limera1n and snowl1me I think? I forgot, but they released a lot of tools for the Jailbreaking community. Absinthe was released by Chronic_dev, and then finally evasi0n by the Evad3rs.

Okay, a lot of the names on the hacker teams of the jailbreak tools are the same and reoccuring. pod2g, Dhowett, MuscleNerd, and planetbeing are long time players in the jailbreaking community. They helped us Jailbreak by releasing wonderful tools that are easier to use and more durable in fending off new versions of ios. Lets hope they keep up their work.

So, are you an ios user? Do you jailbreak?.... well Im not saying you should, but think about it though.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Brightspot '13

Who would not want to go to the brightspot? Well Hipsters in the Jakarta Area all gathered round this wonderful event of fashion, subculture, and youth spirit. The event was held on the 15th until the 17th of February. The brightspot is a kind of convention filled with independent contemporary brands of the fashion industry, as well as some knick knack shops like Ak. Sa. Ra. bookshop.

I wanted to go there on Saturday with some friends but I was tired, lucky that Dad had to operate on Sunday in the Clinic at Cikini so I snatched my Mum and went of to the brightspot. I didnt want anything from the brightspot, but saying that would be an understatement.

This year, the event is held in sunny Grand Indonesia, just at the center of the Hotel Indonesia square which is a tourist hotspot. The mall itself is usually filled with foreigners because that whole section of Jakarta is where the offices are and that means lots of people on business trips. The brightspot takes up about half of the entire 5th floor of the west mall, it is a an improvement from last years brightspot which was held in Plaza Senayan. More space means more stalls and lots of cafe's too. The brightspot is home to some popular local brands such as Seba Shoes, Pot meets Pop, cotton ink, zevin, and Voyej the famous leather goods seller. Other than local brands there are also brands from overseas like Akaime denim from japan, or Deus ex machina the biker clothing line brand from Australia.

Place was packed the whole 3 days

Anyways the mum had a splendid time there in Brightspot. She managed to buy herself some cool "diaper" pants, some tops to match her everyday wardrobe, and some skull rings. The rings were pretty cool so I bought myself a ring too. We didnt want to stay there too long because the hipster radiation is getting to us, so we left and waited for dad while we ate some Mutton friedrice in Kebon Sirih.
it may not look that good, but trust me it tastes a lot better with your eyes closed.
So what did I buy at the brightspot you ask?
I "invested" in a pair of matching wallet and belt from Voyej. The detail on their crafts are awesome and i totally recommend other people on getting their product. I also bought a Lego Moleskine and the skull rings from greedysae i think? i forgot the name of the brand but they are pretty cool too, they had a starwars ring on sale but it didnt fit me because it was too small...

So did you went to brightpot last weekend? if you did are you a hipster? what did you buy?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Xero Shoes

So I am really big on barefoot running ever since my very first Vibram Fivefingers, and i am now eagerly waiting for the new El-x vibram but I havent been to Singapore and i am now relying on my sister to buy one for me... if she has the chance.

But I want to try something else than Vibram but still holds true to the barefoot experience policy. I read up on the birthdayshoes blog, its a blog about barefoot shoes which I totally recommend you on reading that, so anyways I read up that theres another type of barefoot shoes other than the vff's.

Huarache Sandals!, they are sandals, made for running. In the book Born to run, tells a story about the Tarahuma Indians, a tribe of people who runs 60-70 km A day just for fun, and they run in a pair of makeshift sandals called Huaraches.

Anyways im too lazy to make my own so i bought a DIY kit from xeroshoes too safe me the time cutting the thing. Their a pretty dedicated bunch those guys. Xeroshoes is a company run by a barefoot runner couple in Boulder rock i think? Anyways they havent arrived yet at my house and im still waiting for them...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

NTU Entrance exam

It is almost the end of the semester and all the 12th graders are talking about what university will they enroll after high school ends this June. Most of the kids in my class all picked the PTN university with a backup of local private universities such as Trisakti, Prasetya Mulya, and STEKPI.

I want to continue my studies abroad but i dont want to take another SAT test or retake my cambridge A levels, so I picked NTU as one of the universities I would like to continue my studies on because all i need is an UAN certificate and pass the NTU entrance exam.

So anyways i went for the exam Saturday last week in Jubilee school in Sunter which is a traffic hotspot in Jakarta,just the thought of going there makes me twitch because i cant stand the traffic. And to make it worse, i had to come back the next day because the exam was two days. The first day was A level maths and english.

A level maths...

I seriously thought the last time I would see another A level math question was back in Oct '12 when I took my A levels, but alas I meet again with this handsome devil. I didnt like it when it was a cambridge problem, and now to make it worse it was an NTU version of it, more complicated thats why. But I took it like a man and went it for the kill. English wasnt so bad though...

The next day was physichs, its a good thing I dont have to take biology and chemistry because I was beat, and I dont want my Sunday all taken up full day.

What about you? Are you finishing your school years and looking for universities or colleges too?