Monday, January 28, 2013

Yearbook photos in Bogor

It is customarry for seniors in every school to take yearbook pictures in their last semester of school. My school is no exception. We were given freedom by the school to pick out how, where and when we take them. But what i dont understand is why my classmates picked out Bogor as our location for the shoot?

There are many places for us to take pictures. We could do it at parks in Jakarta, Monas, or maybe go as far as Sentul to Marco's but Bogor? One of my mates who is off for Umroh had to be left behind by us because the date was sealed and we had to shoot it last Friday.

Anyways you want to know about what went down right? Well for starters we r schedhuled to meet at a friends place in Menteng at 7 and go to Bogor directly, but the girls had to do their makeup and wait for the photographers who actually arived at 10. Lord Chamberlane tagged along to make sure inwas in line, but i switched cars before the highway to Yobbi's Mazda along with Sukma and Daris.

We arrived at Bogor just at Friday prayer time. There is a mosque near Riri's place so the guys and i went there to pray. After we came back to her house we are shocked to see that the girls are getting their makeup AND hair done. Well we were not that shocked, we all know that girls needs more maintanance right? It took a while for some of them to be ready and the photographers were waiting with some of the student council members in charge of the program in the botanical garden. I dont know how but i end ip with Marco and Alya in Sabda's car.
He is smiling inside, believe me

We were the first to arrive there an hour late from the apointed time of 1 o clock. It was raining and the rest of the kids hasnt arrive yet so to kill time, i blew some balloons with Ila's driver in the back of a honda Jazz.

After half an hour the rest of my classmates arrived and then we began shooting. The shooting was fun, but we had to dodge the constant barrage of bird Shit from the canopies of the trees above as we wait our turns.

Unfortunately, because of our late arrival, we ran out of time and it was getting late, thus we were kicked out of the Bogor botannical garden by the local security guards. One final group of 5 people had to take their picture taken today on Monday acter school.

I didnt want to stick around any longer so i head home with Lord, and Calvin because he wanted to sleepover at my place. The Lord took us on the fastest highway trip i ever experienced, about 45 minutes crom Bogor to Jakarta. During the trip back, Calvin and I discussed fried rice's. Because of that short conversation, Calvin, the Lord and I stopped by Bakti Fried Rice i. senopti becore heading to my house. We all know that the Lord and i are expert Fried rice tasters right? :D

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