Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting my tooth plucked out

Allright, its been a while since i put on my braces even though i havent got any of my tooth pulled out unlike my sister who got 4 tooth pulled before she put on her braces. Anyways apparently i was gonna get my tooth pulled out sooner or later...

Which means i got to get them pulled out today...

As we speak, half of my mouth is still numb from the anastesia that the dentist gave me. Believe it or not it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would. The pain was actually from the drugs piercing the nerves of the teeth. 4 of my teeth was supposed to be pulled out, i only got 1 out so that means there is 3 more plucking sessions with the dentist before i can rest my thoughts.

Turns out that how scary your fears are, if you take them head on, they SOMETIMES dont feel as painful as you thought. In this case like the shot the dentist gave me, then again it still hurts like C@&K!

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