Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My First Rave: Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013

I dont really go to raves, heck I never go to any night events. My sister Karina is really hot about the electronic dance scene which is booming up in Jakarta, and since she's going to dwp, I'm going there as well as protection, and to keep her under control because she's known as a party animal. 

Dwp is my official first ever rave, and my first festival that I stayed until the end since I always go home early during concerts due to my need of sleep. Dwp is full of colorful characters, as well as girls with short shorts, tank tops, and even see through tops. Seriously, when my sist and cousin who were hijab wearers came in through the ancol gate they were really shocked seeing the girls like that. But being the flexible persons they are, they just ignored them, we guys wont mind that anyway right?

I learned a lot that night, especially about tickets which is "always give out tickets to your group members BEFORE the show a day before". Going in and going out of the venue is hell believe me. The time spent rushing in through the crown to get inside is just not worth going out again and doing again to give tickets to your cousins, not to mention the "calo" who are trying to buy your venue wristband from you when you are out. Another lesson is there will be drunk people around so be ready to protect the female members of your group from those intoxicated don jons who hit on them or run into them topless. 

Anyway, The first artist that I saw perform was Anger Dimas at the main garuda stage. Since He's a dim mak records guy, he mixes some dim mak artist's songs. The only song I recognized is warped 1977 from the Bloody beetroots and that was it, I never really did heard any of his song play, or maybe I dont know any of his song. Second I saw some indie guys playing at the neon jungle stage. I thought they were the flight facilities but there were 4 of them and it was a live band, flight facilities played 15 minutes later... in the rain. I was soaked but still hyped because the music playing was really chilled and laid back. I didnt stay for the full set because zedd was scheduled afterwards at the main stage.

We rushed to the garuda stage and heard "stay the night" playing, so I missed the intro. But I did managed to see him play clarity. I saw him on his famous flannel. It was raining and the ground was dirt, so the dirt evolved into a mudbath that devoured sandals and numerous wakai shoes. Good thing I was wearing my vans sneakers, so at least it was still on my feet even though it was dirty as F&^K. I didn't go to any of the other stages afterwards because I stayed to watch Alesso and David guetta. I really prefer Alesso's set than Guetta. 
Guess who's drunk?

Met some friends there as well, met my boys Gandang and Ghufran, and other friends back in highschool. Gandang was with his uni friends there and Ghufran brought his cousin(?). His cousin wanted to take pictures with everyone there so we obliged, even though it was our first meeting ever. Guess he was one of those easy going guys, too easy going. Gandang scored a quarter full bottle of liquor from some drunk dude who was to tired to party, I didnt have any since I dont drink, it was empty anyway by the time he showed me the bottle. 

After 8 hours or so of partying around, the show was over and me and my group went home. Everyone was beat in the car. Good thing the lord was there to pick us up at 4:30 in the morning in Ancol since everyone was too tired to drive or call a cab. I was still pumped full of energy because I'm a morning person and I liked seeing the town in its early morning mode, and seeing the half naked girls going home walking to their cars...Went to bed as soon as I got home and showered the dirt away. Still have the wristband...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stick shifts made out of sheep?

See that? That is a car's stickshift, no I'm joking, thats a real grilled lamb leg. I've been into this mutton thing for the past couple of weeks. I've eaten mutton Sate in Bandung, that famous fried rice in Kebon sirih, and finally this monstrosity. 

It all started when Karina started her driving lessons. We figured that its about time that she started learning how to drive, since She's a big girl and all. We sent her to Hanulia in Sambas which was where I learnt to "officially" drive a car. While I waited for her first session to finish, The lord and I were hungry. And I know a place where they have the most treatiest food in Barito, besides the porridge at night. 

The place is called "Kambing cairo", at least that is what I call it. The first time I was there was with my bandmates Bibin and Bayu, but that was a long time ago. It sells, as the name suggest, mutton. They claim that the mutton there are "no cholesterol". The lord thinks its a lot of bull, so he ordered the small 200 gram mutton. I ordered the 350 gram mutton, I would've gone for the half kilo one but I'm trying to cut down on mutton (Yea RIGHT!).

As for tastes, this place gets the Chamberlain seal of approval of "6". He says that its too dull and he thinks that the spices used in the marinade should be more exotic as the place's name is "Kambing Cairo". But I gave it a 7.5 because personally, I love meat that is only smothered in salt and pepper, simplicity is king...

And what of Karin do you ask?...

She's doing fine... if she can get her foot of the clutch smoothly...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sate detour at Lemans

These days I'm always hungry. Either because I'm a growing boy, or I just love to eat. Well during my visit to bandung to attend mu late Aunt's tahlilan I managed to brag my way into letting the inhabitants if my car to drive me to a Sate place. I havent really eaten any Sate's in Bandung, let alone mutyon sate. Again, I dont know why, but I've been having craves for anything mutton. Its either because I'm hungry for it, or I just live mutton, idk.

After a bit of googling in the car while on the highway, I found a place called "Sate Kambing Lemans" which is near my cousins house in Bandung, and they say its a very popular place to eat Mutton Sate in Bandung. They were'nt lying as the Sate tastes finger lickin good. So good, that my sist ( who ordered the chicken sate because she doesent really like mutton ) says that the Mutton taste better than the chicken. 

By the way, my Uncle Kentong tagged along with us to Alia's place for the Tahlilan. The lord had some mutton Action but he choose to donate some of his sate's to my plate ( actually, he just took about 4-5 skewers and dumped the rest on my plate) because he says he's cutting down on Cholestrol. I think that Cholestrol is a myth, so I ate a lot of it, almost 20 skewers of fatty mutton meat, hey if it is true I'm still under aged so the effects are still not felt on me.

After we finished, we head on to Alia's house to attend the Tahlilan...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Golf courses and a restaurant with a view

Ever heard of Rancamaya? I haven't, at least until my uncle calls my house at 5 in the morning asking my family to go check out some real estate up in Bogor. 

Rancamaya is primarily a golf course area, with some housing complexes around it. The place isn't fully 100% finished with some complexes still under construction. My uncle Bima thinks its a good investment to buy some estates up there with my dad, its either that or he needs a place to crash every time he plays golf up here. We went to the country club as soon as we got there, all the security guards were looking at us because instead of golf clubs we pull out a baby stroller with Cousin Zaki in it. We sat down while chatting about the rumors about golf caddy's while we take in the nice cool mountain air.

Now about golf caddy's, there's these rumors going around that golf caddy's in golf courses like this one are a pretty shady crowd. 'Shady' as in they like to hook up with their clients under a tree somewhere on the course. (This is not entirely true on all golf courses, but my uncle Bima says that some golf courses that he's been has caddy's that sweet talks their clients into doing the deed...)

Back to the elephant in the room, we didn't stay long because Karin was starting to see some "things", as in things that normal people like me cant see. That and we were getting hungry. I wanted to go to Safari zoo just because it was almost my birthday and we are so close to the place. My proposal was turned down by my mum because she thinks that the roads will be unkindly on the way back. We met up with Uncle Iwan who jumped in our car with us, with his escort tailing me in the back. I drove on the way to the restaurant...

dont look right
Bogor is big, its mostly a large mountain areas with winding roads cutting through it. As big as it is finding food is easy. Just look left to right. We didn't look around, instead we called in our intel in Bogor. We have cousins up here so we gave them a rang. They pointed us to a restaurant called Gurih 7. It was located just off the bogor toll gate. I asked them about the roads to the zoo, it was hell, so I cant go to the zoo. Gurih 7 is also the place where Rumah talas is. Rumah talas is a popular place to get cakes made from sweet potatoes. Famous according to My auntie at least.

The restaurant has a nice waterfall in it. The only problem was the view. Now its not pictured here but if you shift right about 60 degrees to the right from my sist and mum, you can see (I'm not lying) people hang drying their clothes on the rooftops of their home. I just didn't bother looking at them and just gaze to my left the whole time I was eating. The fishes in the koi pond were monsters. My dad says they were big because there was an outhouse nearby, He was right. Karin thinks that eating there was a ripoff because they charge 60.000 rupiah for a bass the size of her palm which is small according to normal river bass standards. It didn't matter in the beginning because we are all hungry...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Meet Binary, a programming ipad app


Being a computer science student, I am obligated to bring my laptop into class almost on every ocassion. My laptop is not just a computer, its a mandatory tool for me the future programmer. Me not bringing one is like a soldier without a gun, a farmer without its shovel, or kfc without its chicken. I do a lot of programming stuff on my macbook. Despite its heritage as a mac, I dual booted her so I can run the necessary programs like devC++ to keep up with the rest of my class. My friend Adam and Jordy who uses macs in class installed mac "coding" programs like xcode to avoid dual booting, while another friend of mine invested in a dell for class. 

Nevertheless, either if you're on a mac or PC, you have to bring your laptop to programming classes in Binus. You can use the lab pc's but the programs there are outdated and sometimes you have a bad time logging in. I dont mind bringing laptops, but bringing it everywhere I go can sometimes be a hassle. I carry a notebook, pens, and my macbook in my backpack. My macbook make up 60% of the weight in my backpack. And lets face it, commuting on and off campus on a daily basis while heavy load of bricks are hanging off your back is just impractical and sometimes uncomfortable. A lighter alternative would be to bring my mums ipad like some of my friends when there are no programming classes on schedule. But lets face it, the iPad isnt exactly cut out for programmer use. 

Then I stumbled upon binary. Binary is an iPad app specifically made for coding. Darshan, the creator of this app has the same predicament as I am. He doesent like bringing his laptop around and wanted to use his ipad but no good apps are available which is acording to his preferences. So he made binary. Binary is still in its public beta testing. I've just signed up for the beta and awaiting response. Hope it hits the app store real soon though...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The brightspot pt. 3(?)

The brightspot market, its back in town, again. It IS an annual thing but I forgot that a year passes so quickly. So when my sister and cousins are telling me that they want to go checkout lotte shopping avenue, I was shocked. The place is far from our house, and it is in a crowded area (kuningan). Nevertheless we still headed out there because it is a Sunday and we had nothing else to do, we also want to meet up with my aunt who just came back from mecca on her haji pilgrimage. 

I went to the brightspot on its last day. Like always, some of the booths are having a closing down sale usually 10-30% discounts, or some even throw in free stuff like free in ear headphones when you buy the big chunky ones. Because of that the place is a mess, people are crowding the expo place like rats attacking a cheese truck. Left to right are brands that are "indie" or as I like to call it hipster-esque. Most are selling clothes and shoes, some sell audio devices and gadgets like a dj controller and headphones, one booth even sells furniture and bedlinen. Imagine that, "hipster" bedlinen... The bedsheets are probably made out of some rare amazon cotton, and their pillows are stuffed with "organic" soft coffe beans.

A soon as I got there I caught up with Alia's friend from university, she was with another guy who apparently was her date. Ouch, I quickly grabbed my "sweet talk" tongue so I wont get hit by her date. Anyway, my sister went around with cousin Prasti while I hang around with Alia, my mom, and my dad. The place for the venue was okay, although I still prefer when they held it in pacific place or senayan. I walked around the place to look around and chat around with some denim heads across brightspot as we share thoughts on denim while some of them stare at my pair of evisu's that I'm wearing.

One of the booths has its tailors on site to provide "custom" 15 minute clothing.

I stopped by voyej's place and found that the place was overrun with people. They were happened to have a free leather treatment session so I signed me and my dad for a treatment. I got my wallet and belt treated with some oil while my dad got his kick-ass wallet done. Alia has a crush on Andika, the guy with the hat on the picture who was doing the treating. While I was there I picked up a leather money clip, my mum picked out a nice wallet and a couple of pairs of bracelets that she always wanted.

After walking around the whole place I got tired and met up with my sister and cousins. Alia wanted some ice cream sandwich by the mini ( if its a brightspot event, they always have a mini strapped with a huge duck somewhere ). The ice cream was okay, they had cookies as crackers to make it sweeter. They were a hell of a ripoff though but still worth every bite. 

I end the day with a nice bowl of Pho at Pho 24 with my aunt, uncle, and mum and dad, and my cousins and sisters...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How do I make money for spending?

Such an ambitious title for an ambitious blog post. The idea has been going around my mind for quite some time now, My dad has been telling me to start a small business of my own for me to gather experience on dealing stuff as well as getting extra $$$ for that dream car I wanted :). I wanted to start a retail business, particularly in the reselling division. Now what do i sell?

A few ideas came up; sell some vespa accessories, but that Idea became frail when I dont have any contacts to ship them stuff from overseas into Indonesia for cheaps. I then search for alternatives, I've always had an eye for good stuff like shoes or clothes. But I have to sell stuff that I like so I know what other people look for in those items. I tried to flip some sneakers back in my highschool days but I only managed to flip 1 pair out of the 3 I had bought and that was the most crappy one. I dont know what that kid was looking for when he bought my orange broken in nike dunk with a yellowed sole, I just dont get the complex minds of sneakerheads.

 Recently I developed a fondness towards wakai, a japan based shoe brand which makes "slipper"-like shoes. There was a boom in the market for toms in Jakarta, but they were too expensive and some people (including me) had problems buying a shoe with a pig skin lining due to religious reasons and allergies. Wakai came out with shoes that are just as stylish and they are even better because they are a helluvalot cheaper than toms, retailing for about Rp 360.000 or about 36 bucks for a pair which is pretty cheap for a cool pair of shoe. I really like them because they are light and have funky design and patterns on them. I like them soo much that I have acquired 3 pairs of them. I could start a reselling business selling wakais by following the technique some guy in chinatown used to flip supreme merchandise , guy makes 7 digits income a year just by flipping hats, shoes, and apparel to kids in new york.

Now I could just go and start small by buying small runs of wakais from the wakai stores but there are a couple of reasons stopping me to do that. Firstly I'm still hesitant on executing my master get rich problem. Second, I cant take the risk of spending money on them and wait while the season change and start selling off season collection and hope that the market will grow a liking to it. But all success businessman in the world start small and take risks, I'll have to put some thought on this before I go mad at the wakai stores...

Friday, November 1, 2013

My first ever Halloween Party...

Halloween is Not a much celebrated Holiday Here in Jakarta, Thus I have never experience any Halloween madness, not including some Halloween events back in La rose when I was still a youngling. 

Apparently The Halloween spirit is big here in Binus, and many of the students like to have fun during Halloween. They dress up in some fancy ( and some weird ) costume, some aren't trying to impress anyone with their costumes by wearing something easy like a bucket on their heads or using a t shirt for a ninja mask. They even have their own party here with music, barbecue and even some face painting. Me? I'm not really keen on halloween parties, I didnt even know they were having a party tonight, but then I saw some of my friends wearing fancy dresses and a scream mask...

I didnt wear a costume, I didnt buy a ticket for the events so I cant get the barbecue and face painting, but since I'm a Binus student I can get free access to the lobby where the Live music and the DJ is playing. The kid on the turntable is pretty good, he can run Traktor and even play songs correctly and right on the beat. I got stuck in Binus because The lord and my sister has'nt arrived to pick me up because they are stuck in traffic. Bad news is I have to wait, good news is there are some Girls wearing smoking hot costumes so They can still keep me occupied for now...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

System thinking class week #5

Tuesdays are scheduled to be a late afternoon to evening class days for me. After the 3 hour break, there is a system thinking class at room 206. System thinking is by far THE most un-understandable subject for me. Every session we read a story book which contains points that are "important" for us to apply in a system thinking way. The books are written by the same author ( I think ), and feature a whymsical comic like fashion, with numerous weird moments like walrusses and penguins discussing clam distribution with powerpoint, to wolfs using power tools to cut through a fence.

Jakarta fashion week is still on so there is this huge stage in the middle of the road in Senayan city, the catwalk keeps pumping upbeat dancefloor music all day. The system thinking class windows faces the stage so all I hear when the proffesor talks were "dum dum dum... Dum.. Dum".

Class gets easier every session though, since I can get used to the routine of reading stories. Gets asked questions by the lecturer, the occaisional off beat talks about big corporations in the world, then a pop quiz to end the session. Of course with the exception of house music blasting from the outside...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Idul Adha 1434 H

Idul adha, not as festive as Idul Fitri but still as Important. A day where we commemorate the sacrifice The prophet Ibrahim a.s felt when he was told to kill his beloved son Ismail a.s before Allah sent a sheep in Ismail's place thus saving him from being sacrificed. Fortunately My dad didn't have to try and sacrifice me since it is customary to use local livestock for our Qurban.

Idul adha is celebrated around the world especially in Saudi Arabia where the annual Haji pilgrimage is being held. Right now those who are on pilgrimage are throwing rocks at the Jumrah site where Ibrahim threw rocks at the devil when he tried to stop Ibrahim sacrificing his son. Last year my parents were on pilgrimage in Mecca and Me and my sist had to celebrate Idul adha alone.

Anyway Idul adha is celebrated by a morning prayer to start the day and then we kill the livestock and give out the meat to the needy. My family was fortunate enough to afford a cow this year, we bought one in Lombok near Aunt melly's place, she sure knows how to find those pesky critters. Afterwards we visited our relatives just like Idul Fitri...

So, Happy Idul adha to all those who celebrate it!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A great Steak Joint, Holy Cow!

 I love Steaks, I really do. They are a good source of Protein, and they taste bloody wonderful. I love them so much, that I always make some at home either for dinner or sometimes even for breakfast. The thing with steaks is you have to wait while you defrost them naturally by taking them out of the meat freezer, which can take a long time and needs some preparation prior to cooking. In that time of my laziness which I didnt take out the meat before I go about my day, I go to Holy cow at Radio dalam to have my dose of this tasty body fuel known as steaks.

Holy cow is one of the famous steak houses in Jakarta. Established in 2010, it has since cater to the needs of carnivores hungry for their meat. Holy cow's menu range from prime cuts like the Sirloin, tenderloin, or my favorite the rib-eye, to more exotic meats like the Wagyu. I personally dont like the taste of Wagyu, I prefer the taste of normal prime steak meats because Wagyu grass has a more minty flavor giving the cows tender but less juicy meat compared to their local cousins.

The restaurant is small and jam packed. Its made from old containers for gods sake, fortunately the ac is effective at keeping us cool because of the size of the restaurant. The steaks are flame grilled to perfection let it be medium rare or well-done. The drinks are free flowing and we can even change flavors and hot/ cold-ness. Price-wise, it's not that pricey compared to other steak places with the same tender quality and side-dishes. I dont know why but they also sell cupcakes down at the cashier made by another "indie" brand called minilovebites. Cupcakes are available at the Radio dalam and other holy cow places.

Steak Hotel by Holycow!

Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 15
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021-7202776

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 95E
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021-7181949

Lantai 5 Gedung Seremanis
Jl. KH. Agus Salim No. 16
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-31906420

Sunday, October 6, 2013

24/7 Dim sum action at Dim sum inc.


I was playing gta V on my ps3, just as I was to blast my way to the biggest heist my crew has ever made, My dad barges in the door and tells me that my snazzy uncle was downstairs in the driveway asking for me. As I looked out over the balcony, there he was arms crossed with his shiny new car asking me to drive him and my aunt along with baby Zaki to Union at Pim for breakfast. Pim wasn't open at 7.30 in the morning on a sunday, My uncle then opted to go to a dim sum place called "Dim sum inc." which opens 24 hours 7 days a week, what a perfect place to have an improf breakfast, and a chance to buff out my mileage on the 2013 cr-V.

I went to the Dim Sum Inc. in Kemang, from what I heard they also have a joint in Kuningan but thats a bit too far for me. The place has a cool woody feel in the restaurant. Kitchen was surrounded with glass barriers for us to see how e chef's work. They also have some indie-lounge-hipster music blasting to the speakers, reasonably of course, which adds a bit of finnese to the atmosphere. The food was good, dim sum was excellent. I had siao-may, ha-kao, and some chicken feet. My uncle also ordered chicken porridge and some won ton fried rice for us to share. Its a shame that Zaki was still 2 months old, we had to leave him out of the action since his body cant break down the complex molecule found on "adult food"...

Dim Sum Inc. Kemang
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 20A
Kemang, South Jakarta
T/F +6221 7182249

Sunday, September 29, 2013

BBM (Bakso Bakwan Malang)

Back when I still visit my grandpa and my grandma in Cibubur for Idul fitri, I always eat bakwan in his house rather than the festive menu which consists of opor, gulai, gudeg, or some other traditional nonsense we Indonesians eat. I sometimes help out preparing food in grandpa's by turning on the stove and heat up the bakwans. I've never we t to Cibubur again since He passed away... That and I hate the traffic in Cibubur, those people cant drive over there. 

Anyways today I went to my uncle's for a party in Cibubur. Mom wanted to eat some of the bakwan we usually eat with my late grandpa. After a brief phonecall with my grandma, We found the place and stopped by for a "bakwan break". The bakwan joint is a cheeky one. They call themselfs BBM for short which is also an anecdote for fuel here in Indonesia. The menu is also a refrence to the types of fuel I found in the gas stations. Theres the premium Bakwan, the super, and the mega Bakwan Xtramax which I had.  As far as tastes concerned, theres nothing more to discuss. This thing is the bomb, but like all street food which involves meatballs, theres that strong taste of MSG and fake spices. But thats a thing we have to face when eating street food, just keep a bottle of water near you for the next 5-10 minutes in case you're super thirsty.
Bakso Bakwan Malang
JL Alternatif Cibubur-Cileungsi KM 5

Friday, September 27, 2013

No Pin & Chest Covered Hijab Tutorial ft. Karin

This is my sister Karina. She loves doing many hijab styles, unfortunately I'm a guy thus I cannot wear one...yet....

These are just some of the styles she wears on a daily basis. Believe me when I say she has more than hundreds of styles hiding under her sleeve. You should probably follow the "flippy dip" hijab style of my mum, instant classic!

Eating around Senayan city

Friday is usually my free-est day. School days are usually cut short, subjects are fun, and the atmosphere was filled with a weekend vibe. Unfortunately college changed that, Fridays are now the most bussy day of the week. Mornings are started off with a programming principle class, then a 4 hour discrete math class, and another 2 hours of IT class that ends at around 7.30 p.m. Not your usual TGIF eh?

To fuel up my body I need to regularly eat so I can focus and think in class. Today I've just spent 150.000 rupiah on food. Thats a bit over budget because I ate at Pepperlunch for lunch. The steak was damn good though, so I guess that's 100.000 rupiah well spent. For dinner, I had some GM noodles for dinner. My fellow classmate Hendry came with me for lunch today, he spent about 100.000 just eating around campus and Senayan City. 

Eating in the malls are a bit pricey, I guess I should try some of the food stalls around moestopo for once. For now I'll just follow on with class in the computer lab...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Surviving Freshmen year

thats me being bored in class
Freshmen year just started and the "I'm on holiday" persona of mine just went out the window. Its been awhile since I studied in what seems to be forever. All the schedules and new nonsense the lecturers are giving to me, not to mention morning classes since I stop being a morning person for summer vacation. But alas, this must be overcame if I want to fulfill my live dream of buying the ever so popular F&B monster company known as Ismaya.

Its only been 3 days and I feel like skipping some classes on the side. I do have like 8-10 absent rights. No, thats the lazy part of me talking, I have to attend class so I have a reason to not study at home. After all, Binus isn't really fond of giving us homework, besides the system thinking lecturer who kept making us read about sheeps and wolfs...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy camper (not really)

I was sitting in one of my fellow CS03's assigned tent talking about random junk that goes on in a guy's mind. I got bored of talking about my failed love live and ran to visit another CS03 tent filled with guys who were talking about Yugi-oh and the stats on each card while reminiscing about last nights "night walk" the student committee seniors made us do. I didn't stay long because I cant understand the in depth Yugi-oh talks and ran back to my first tent with a stolen pack of half eaten halal marsh mellows from Jason. I lay down inside, sharing my(read:Jason's) marsh mellows while admiring the clear sky and the cool morning mountain breeze blowing in from the wide-opened tent door.

That part was the part I really enjoyed throughout my camping trip to Lido, near Sukabumi. As you may know it is now the year where I start my freshmen year in Binus International. After 3 days of "welcoming" activities in the JWC campus in Senayan, the student committee took us freshmen out on a camping / outbound trip to Lido. My sister went on one when she started Her freshmen year so I guess this is an annual thing. I was assigned to group 22 and tent 5. The groups and the tents all consists of different persons so we get a chance to know each other. Phones were confiscated along with valuables like my wallet for safe keeping by the committee. 

Group 22 consists of many personalities ranging from IS, art and design, fashion, International business, and computer science students. There was another CS kid with me in group 22, not a CS03 guy but He seems like an okay guy. Dennis was appointed group leader, a spirited IS major. There is also Fadli and Riff from IB. There are a lot of girls to in my group, sadly I don't quite catch their names, remember their pretty faces though :). The seniors in charge of our group were Arias and Hena. Arias and I are like best buds, even if he tries to deny it, He actually likes me deep down... way deep down there in his heart. Group 22 decided to call ourselfs "gosong" or charred, because its so damn hot in the afternoons so our skin was burnt.

The first day of the trip was normal outbound activities. Team building games to make us work together, and take risks, like the labyrinth which I got soaked with a bucket of water when my teammates hit a wire in the labyrinth. There were also high flying games like Skywalk where we climb a bamboo stick and jump from 20 ft in the air, and the ever popular zip line. Late in the evening was the raft race where we battle other groups in an all out race to the death around the Lido lake.

It was raining after dinner when we discussed about tomorrows group performance where we do some acts in front of everyone. Suddenly The student committee president gives a P.A telling everyone to go in their tents to go to bed. Everybody knows that there is gonna be another activity of the schedule tonight...9 o clock, I hit the sack, my tent was filled with Ivan and 2 other accounting students, Geraldi from computer science, and Josa from fashion design. I try to catch some sleep while waiting to be waken up later tonight.

At about 10 o clock firecrackers went off behind my tent, the ambulance sirens were ringing and the seniors got us up and told us to hit the deck on the grass. The grass was cool, so I didn't mind. It didn't take long before I was randomly chosen from the freshmen who were on the ground to line up for the night walk. They took our coats and flashlights if we brought any, I didn't, and paired us boy and girl. I got paired with my junior high friend Dinda, so I guess I have someone to hold on to when I'm scared. 

Me and Dinda walked to each checkpoints in the dark of the night to finish our rounds, waiting to get scared by someone or something who hides in the bushes along our track. We both know have been through this sort of thing in the past but I never liked the dark, I got to say that I was scared. First post in, some dude was sitting under a light pole heads down with a black hoodie. At the check-point someone asks us how many were us in a group, I said 2, they say there were 3 of us, referring to the shady character under the light pole. I shook it off and went to the next checkpoint with Dinda, head constantly looking behind me in search of that guy catching up and scaring me from the back. When we reach the 2nd post, they told us to go down from the track to a beaten path down the hill into the wild bushes. It all went crazy since then with the fake ghouls scaring me left and right. I asked Dinda to walk in front of me first so they scare her first, unfortunately they always go on cue when I walk past them.

After we finish, we waited for our first batch of pairs to arrive back at the starting line. Some of the other kids were still waiting for their turns. It was about 1 in the morning when I was told that I could go back to my tent and sleep it off, or do anything basically, as long as I was in my tent. I fell asleep when Geraldi finished his round and came in the tent with me. 

The next morning was really laid back, both the committee and the freshmen were beat and need some r&r. Aside from the weird morning gymnast routine we were doing at 6.30, there was nothing in the agenda until 9. I chilled with some of my friends in our tents recalling last nights walk. Some bloke from CS03 got paired up with a guy, Kevin-A was put in a group of 2 girls and himself, while Jason says that he saw some old man working the fields at 3 in the morning which wasn't part of the ghouls the committee sets up last night. I met up with my "gosong" teammates later to discuss our group performance. The team decided to do some short yel-yel's because all the other team were doing it. I wanted to do a parody of the night walk but they all turn it down, apart from Dennis who was on the same boat as me.

The other teams yel-yel's were pretty cool. The beatbox girl did a beatbox/medan song routine, some kid did an amazing impression of Radit the student committee president, and my group sang.... yeah at least it was fun...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cheesecake baking

After seeing a Jamie oliver video about new york cheesecakes, I wanted to make my own.

Heres the breakdown of how I baked it

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rotiboy and Roti-o, battle of the buns

Yesterday I had to go to the airport to pick up my sist from Singapore. She had some problems checking in and came in late. Luckily she was able to transfer to a later flight in the evening. She was scheduled to land at around 8 p.m. 8 turned to 9. Guess she was gonna land late too.

Waiting at the arrival waiting halls, my parents and I sat beside a sweet bun stall called "roti-o". It sounded like a rip off from "rotiboy" which also had stalls around terminal 1, 2, and 3 of soekarno hatta airport. I was hungry so I stopped by rotiboy to buy some buns bcoz I know they're alright. Came back to my seat beside roti-o and my mum ushered me to buy some from roti-o to taste the diffrences. 

Price wise, they both costs the same at 8500 rupiahs. Quality wise, I'd prefer rotiboy. Why? Because when I bought the buns they were still bot. The buns in Rotio were cold like a dead body dumped in the swamps by the high way en-route to the airport. The dough on the rotiboy bun (left) was smooth and and stayed together. The roti-o bun I got had a crumby side on one of the edges and chipped off, it was easily broken too.

On the other hand, the I liked the roti-o taste better than the rotiboy. Both buns bas the same ingredients written outside of the bag. The rotiboy had more of a coffee taste. I'm not a big fan of coffee. The roti-o has a more sweet buttery taste. The roti-o has more butter in it too, hence the fragile dough. 

With that said, I dont know who is the clear winner here because its all about preferences. But with the the quality and services in acounting, I'd buy another rotiboy...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

San fransisco martabaks

Tuesdays are usually dentist apointment evenings where I have to go to the dentist with the lord in Bintaro. The dentist only did some minor readjustments with my braces so we had extra time to spend. My parents wanted me to buy them some Martabak from the well known Martabak establishment called "Martabak San fransisco" in Bintaro. They arent really from San fransisco but they claim they have the unique style of crispy skins and crust usually had on san fransisco pizza pies. I think thats a load of bull, That is a catchy name though.

Martabak San fransisco has a variety of flavors to choose from besides the standard egg and cheese martabaks. But they specialize in beef and chicken black pepper martabaks, tuna, corned beef, and even Vegetarian martabaks. If you have more of a sweet tooth they also have blueberry, cheese and nuts, vanilla oreo martabaks, or the exotic tiramisu and strawberry oreo martabaks. I'm a simple guy so I just ordered some cheese, a blueberry cheese-nuts martabak, and the must try black pepper martabak. I didnt bother with the oreo martabaks cause i dont know if my tongue can comprehend the complex flavor.

Taste wise, I dont know how they taste because Im still in the car and on my way home before I can eat this sucker. Smells good though, so thats a good sign. They have branches in bsd, kelapa gading, cibubur, and bintaro. If you want to stop by in Bintaro, its in sector 3a.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Snorkel to the max

Sunday August 10th

After my day was cut short from exhaustion and a half day allowance yesterday, I was determined to spend today as much as I can in the water. Firstly I need to soak in the sea water to ease my rash. Secondly, its summer and I like to spend summer in a beach-themed vacation. I woke everyone up early today. When the clock hit 6 in the morning I got up, put on my gear and asked my mum, uncle, and anyone else to come snorkel with me. It was a wonderful morning with everyone mostly still hungover in their beds so we had the whole ocean to ourselfs for the morning.

This was the first time my mum snorkels so she needs to get used to breathe on her mouth. Luckily she is a faster learner than Karin. She manages to float with me for 5 minutes, before she got scared of the creatures of the deep, the sea urchins to name a view. I think she's scared of deep water too, no not 3 meters pool deep, I meant 10 meters of unknown waters deep. After that I'm mostly on my own or with my cousin Alia. The ocean was awesome since theres nobody standing on coral reefs or flapping panickly on the sand blurring my view of vision. there were many fishes and anemones too.
I brought out my iphone with the badass survivor+catalyst case. My dad warned me that if anything goes wrong, he's not buying me a new phone. I took my chances anyway, hey I trust those guys in the griffin cases development offices. Ive seen those guys at work, they were slamming a survivor case to a dry wall painted with a bullseye. There was this one guy who kept dipping the case in his coffee, if thats not quality testing I dont know what that is. Anyway they colabbed with catalyst and came up with my little beast. They say its fully waterproof to up to 3 meters. They were not lying though, since my iphone survived my snorkeling session.

It wasnt long before the rest of my family wakes up, more of us hit the water and just swim there. After having a breakfast break, we went back in! After about half hour break though. Karin was doing quite better today, her personal best was 1 minute without any issues with the mask or snorkel clogged up with water. We all got bored after a while. My uncle, and aunt were tired so they got out of the water first. My cousin Anggi had a dive appointment so we cant tag along bcoz we don't have dive licenses. My dad hasn't been in the water since yesterday afternoon, and my mum was floating around 2 meters from the beach coast.

After reaching a decision, Karin, cousins Alia and Prasti and I rented out some kayaks. We paddle around the pier for a little while. Karin and Prasti was busy deciding to paddle left or right. Me and Alia paddled out to the deep open waters. We stopped after we both saw something in the water. I swear it looked like a giant squid from in the movies! Alia just thinks it maybe an underwater wreck. But the damn thing was moving so it was definitely a sea creature. Now I know why my mum is scared of open waters. We took a break eating kiwi's that my dad brought from Jakarta. I floated around for awhile but then I got this great idea to kidnap my mum on the kayaks. The kayaks was a 2 person kayak but I figured that 1 more passenger wouldn't hurt. I first told my mum that we were just paddling near the beaches of the island. Then we were on our way back, me and Alia just paddled out into the open water instead of the beach. I swear mum was freaking out like crazy, I assured her everything was okay. I didnt tell her about the mysterious thing in the water earlier before because Im scared she will have a heart attack. Cousin Anggi was finish with her dive and tagged along on Karin and Prasti's kayak. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mini summer vacay

Saturday, August 9th

After a 1 half hour boat ride from Marina, I arrived at Putri Island with my parents, sister, uncle and aunt, and some of my cousins. They all slept during the boat ride but I could not. I still cant imagine anyone falling asleep during their travels. Same goes for me on planes, I cant sleep because of the constant pressure changes, let alone the sound of the engine screaming in your eardrums. Once we reached port on the island, the family decided to take a nap AGAIN since we missed the glass bottom boat attraction on the island. Who would want to see fishes through clogged out viewing windows anyway. Besides, I'd rather go swim in the ocean with my snorkel and see them up close. The rest of the family had different plans and would not want to go swim with me.

snorkelling spot is on the end of that pier
I Jumped in the water and just skim there for awhile, soaking in the ocean water while the rest of the family watched me on the shores of the beach. I manage to get my cousins and dad wet in the water. My cousins and Aunt left wanting to get "proper swimming clothes". Me and my dad had board shorts on so we took of our tops and dip in. Dad wasnt much of a maverick and just floated in one spot under the shade of the trees, props for getting in the water with me though. We met up with my cousins on the snorkeling spot on the island. I dived in fin-less. My cousin warned me about the dangers known as the sea urchin, stingray, and the cloaked stone fish. After a brief lunch break I went out and rented out some fins from the dive shop for me and a 2nd pair for anyone who wanted it, in that afternoons case was was my sist.

My aunt and uncle sit the afternoon off so only Me, my sist, and my cousins went back in the water. Now here is the thing, I know my sist couldnt use a snorkel because she isnt used to breathe through her mouth when she is swimming. I made sure she can breathe by making her put on the gear while we were on dry land. She insisted that she can use a snorkel so we went to the pier and dropped in... all of us besides my sister. She was scared of the sea urchins. We assured her that there were no sea urchins in the vicinity of the pier (there were a whole mess of them UNDER the pier). She finally dropped in the water after about 5 minutes of constant debate about the urchins. Now theres another problem, she cant use a snorkel. The snorkelling session turned into a "teaching Karin how to snorkel" session.

We went on a sunset cruise at about 5 pm. The cruise was just a boat ride around the isle of the thousand islands with a grand finale of watching the sun literally "set" on the ocean. The boat was packed on the upper deck seats. Everyone wants to be up top to see the sun. They ran out of seats but due to high demand, they let people sit or stand on the sides of the boat like I did. I like it this way, I felt like I was a real legit "seaman". I dont need seats anyway, because my family wanted me to take pictures of them so it was a win win. The sunset view was ok I guess. I never had a chance to see how a sun really sets, everybody got their timers on. What are they? some kind of scientist or something? Maybe they just wanted to know how long does it take for the sun to set on the horizon.

The first day on the Island was a bit of a fuzz because I had to put get our checked baggage in our rooms, not to mention the exhaustion of travel setting in, so I didnt have much time to go do stuff I really want to do. Hope I can go Snorkeling for real tomorrow...