Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EOS digital

Now what goes through your mind when you see that picture? is that moving thing photoshoped? well it looks photoshoped but it isnt. Is Keanu taking on photography? heck yeah.

My sister used to be an amateur photographer during her highschool days and she invested in a canon 450d dslr camera. She hasnt used it for a while and the things been sitting inside the moisture box ever since. I always wanted to use a dslr the right way but i havent tried to until now. 

I took some pictures with the "P" settings or program to give me a bit of control over the usual auto settings my dad used when he takes photo with this little nugget.I may need a bit of practice and i should probably invest in some photoshop practices to edit the color schemes etc. I have a friend who's taking a photography major in Lasale, hope he can teach me a couple of stuff...

Things are good

Im back in my rightful office A.K.A in my room, writing to you all in this wonderful mercredi. Why am i not in school you ask? Well for once today i dont have any apparent reason to skip, i mean not go to school. I have an appointment with my friends flagyl forte, and parolit. My stomachs not really felling good this morning and my mom told me to stay at home, and because she's a doctor and all i decided to follow her instructions. So if you asked me why Im at home... doctors orders.

In other news, my missing red yoyo is back. I've located it under the piles of books on my desk that i dont bother to make up. It was there since I moved in to my room. Im glad its back because those things cost quite a dime a pop. Im ggonna get my ID sorted out too today because im free for the day. Hopefully i can still drop by LaREC today to attendd my writing course.

But until 9 o clock, let the lolly gagging begin!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking dawn part two

Its Sunday so that means heres a new movie review.Well i wont be doing this every Sunday but earlier this evening, me and my family just happen to watch it on the theater. As we all know this is the final movie in the saga.The producers thought that they can deny the inevitable by making a part one movie just like that harry potter movie.And it worked, but only for a time.They had to make this movie because if they dont, then we will only have a dying Bella and a vampire baby that we dont know about.

I'll be frank with you, i am a fan of the twilight saga but only the movie.I dont know why but i just love seeing it.Because of this i will leak out some of the spoilers to this movie.... Jacob took of his clothes in the early parts of the movie! There i said it.Anyways the movie continued just as it was left off on the last breaking dawn movie.Bella is bitten and turned into a vampire by Edward cullen in order to save her from her bloodthirsty hybrid baby that is eating Bella from the inside during carriage.The baby Renesme, grew in a inhumanly phase and when she was roughly about a toddler and was seen playing with Jacob and Bella by Irina, another vampire and was thought to be an immortal child.

Immortal childs have to be killed according to the coven rules, but Renesmee isnt an immortal child because she wasnt bitten when she was turn, she just came out that way.The vampire high council back in Italy heard of this news and went in to kill her off.But bella and Edward didnt want their baby killed, so they gathered vampires from accross the world to bare witness that Renesmee isn't an immortal child.

At the end of the movie, there was this big fight between the vampires from the council and the vampires and warewolfs that are united by the Cullens.This sequence of the movie was full of head snapping, body burning, and dog face munching.Even i really thought that it wasnt gonna end in a bloodbath i mean it is the final movie and i was expecting a happy ending... not this.The good vampires are dwindeled in number and some of the wolfpack members are killed to including Seth and Irina, Jacob was running away from the fight while carrying Renesmee away to Washington.Vut then Edward and Bella is able to snap off the councils head off and when Bella was about to burn his head suddenly reality snaps back and it was back to the beginning of the fight!Apparently Alice gave the high council leader the "future" if he had gone off and attacked the good vampires.What a Mindf*&k!.

The movie ends by Jacob, Edward, Bella and Renesmee hugging each other as they said farewell to their global vampires friends.And when the Christina Perri song played, it was back to Bella and Edward in the flower field having a reminiscence from the first time they met in highschool, the car crash, Edwards failed attempt at suicide, their marriage, and all those other things that happen in the past.I like that part of the movie, it almost makes me cry because it was the last movie that all the actors would play in the twilight saga.Well at least Jacobs still got that awesome 6 pack.

Oh and there is another version of "a thousand years" song where a dude sings together with Christina during the credits roll.I am tasked to find it for my mom, which i havent begin to search for...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is... Dishonored

Dishonored is Bethesda's new first person-stealth action game developed by Arkane studios that emphasizes on choice.The whole game is based on choice.So many choices that you feel like you have to think before you kill that one guard in front of you.

The game tells a story about Corvo Atano, the once trusted royal bodyguard of the empress of Dunwall, that is framed for her murder and abduction of the empress's daughter, the rightful heir to the throne.Corvo sets out on a quest to clear his name now as an assassin with supernatural powers such as teleportation, x ray vision, the ability to bend time, etc.May i point out that the city of Dunwall is also having a plague outbreak that is also killing half of the city, making the game a bit more dark.

The first thought i had when i put the disc in the ps3 tray is that i will see some washed out art style that has been used in Bethesda's previous games, but to my surprise the game looks like a refreshed team fortress with a bit of half life 2 on the side.As i did a little research, i now know where the art comes from; Viktor Antonov, the visual design director who is also in charge in City 17, and above all the technologies in half life 2.The games main designer are the guys who made Deus Ex human revolution, hence the games Choice mechanism.

this reminds me of the walkers of half life 2 and a bit of portal touch.
The enemies vary from watch guards, to religious watch guards, then to some plague victims, etc.More enemies are introduced further in the game but the majority of the enemies are all the 3 above.The city is your sandbox, the whole level is so open world, even though this is actually a scripted level.After killing or neutralizing your target, you can go and explore the rest of the level before going back to your boatman and ending the game.

Burn baby

Heres a bit of spoilers for you; you can beat the game without killing a single soul, and you will get an achievement for it.Of course for my first play through i did not go this route because i accidentally stabbed an old lady in the neck and dropped a guard to the rat cages.You can go out and do a killing spree but then more rats will be in the city due to the dead bodies, and that means a more darker ending.The game also focuses on the stealth parts which require you to get creative while choosing your infiltration route to your target.The powers are upgradable and you get an assortment of skills to choose from your base skill the "blink" or teleportation.My favorite is dark vision, which allows you to see through walls and see your enemies line of sight.

Overall the game is quite entertaining, i've finished the game on a low chaos and got a good ending, now im trying for a higher chaos level which will give me a bad ending.Dishonored is a game about assassins, but it is no assassins creed.Dishonored is a game that lets you let targets live, but then makes you feel awful because that person is now banished and has the plague.The game isn't low on action either so it is sure to get you pumping and screaming as you play.Long story short, 450.000 rupiah well spent.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jakartas street food night life

Tonight is a scheduled operation date of my dads and it so happends to be the muslim new years eve.To celebrate this wonderfull ocation my mum and i tagged along for a ride to the Coet Moetia mosque in menteng.

At the mosque we did our Magrib prayers and we read the new years prayer afterwards.The Cut moetia mosque i highly recommend for a place to pray in menteng because it has a distinct atmosphere that you surely will love.

After we dropped dad at the clinic in Raden saleh, me the lord and mummy continued our journey to the heart of sabang home of the now degraded department store...Robinsons, yes we have robinsons here in Jakarta but they really let the place go and now its an open air 3 story store which sells stuff almost the same as mall blok m.We didnt want to stop in sabang but we had to because the Mrs. Wanted some sate padang there.

Afterwards is the main event, mutton fried rice in Kebon sirih.The place is very popular and a staple for me and the lord each time we go to central Jakarta.Tonight is a weekend night and thus the place was packed.So packed that we decided to take out and eat in the car.Apperarently there was a line there because they actually ran out of fried rice and is forced to cook some more.Because of this freshed cook rice, i can still taste the mutton guessed it, the samin oil.I dont know why, but almost all of the street stalls that either sells fried rice,martabak, and other middle eastern food uses samin oil.I can still taste it right now.

Right now i am typing this in my car parked at a Sederhana Padang restaurants parking lot while my mum chows down on some chicken porridge from accros the street, waiting for my dad to finish his operation.I didnt bring my laptop and trying out my new Blogger app which is quite nice actually.But i dont know how this post will end up online.Oh well.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Good day at home

Oh my god its been almost 2 weeks or more now since i've "properly" went to school.and by "properly" i mean i go to school and complete the cycle for a whole week.The cambridge exams are on and they are all mostly scheduled at around 2 o clock in the afternoon, and because of that i dont go to school during a scheduled exam date like today.

Mostly this is a good thing but now im in the 12th grade which means lots of things to do before the final national exam. To make things worst, i've skipped up on most of the materials being studied today at class AS WE SPEAK.For all i care i just need to catch up on my Physics and Chemistry...and biology, maybe math, and dont forget that Indonesian language assignment i've managed to hold on until now, oh my god there are so much things to do!

But i will hold on to my commitment for now and that means i need to concentrate on my cambridge exams, which means more school skipping, er i mean study at home :D

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roof Party

Alright its almost the 20th of November and that means its almost my birthday woot! I am thinking of throwing a party at my new home to celebrate my coming of the age 17, or we can call it my sweet 17th birthday party.My house has a big livingroom downstairs and all but i want to make this year special, it is the year where i get my VALID id after all.

As i just recognized, the house has an extra half floor above the second one which is a roof duct.The place looks sick because i can set it up into a rooftop party with music, and lights, and all that party stuff.The place could probably hold around 50 to 70 people tops because we have to consider the size of the place, i dont want anyone taking a fall from up there and down onto my pool area because that could end up nasty.

As of right this second i've only invited one person to the party but lets see how the list go on as we progress to the big day.As for alcohol, well there wont be any because i dont drink, and again i dont want any guest pissed drunk and then taking a spill down to the ground, that would be bad for my profile...

Friday, November 9, 2012

They're ACTION figures...

When i moved in to my new house all the stuff are packed tight and stored away for transport.These stuff include some of my toys which means a lot to me.Today was chemistry paper 4 day and i had the morning off to myself.I decided to rearrange the figures that are forcefully arranged by Mr sito and wife.

The Lego Bionicle

Over the course of my childhood my parents have always bought me lego for my source of toys.For some reason they wont let me buy "pre built" plastic toys like those digimon action figures back in the day.But alas lego's are made from plastic so that throws away that theory.Since i can remember, i have collected dozens of lego series dating back to knights kingdom, but bionicle's have always been my passion.Out of the countless bionicles which i have, these guys are the one's still in complete form and located near my general vicinity, the rest of the lego's are stored in containers throughout the house.
The Toa inika in a complete set of 6 which my mum bought for me back in 2010 in a lego convention in Senayan city.They were out for Rp 1.200.000 for the 6 which made them 200 a piece.I would love to tell you the complete story back from the beginning but im just too damn lazy.Long story short the toa's are heroes in the bionicle world and the toa inika are the 2nd to last generation of toa's inside the universe, although there are more toa's in alternate dimensions but i focus primarily on the core story of bionicle.There are also 2 other figures which are the successor of the green and white toa you see on the picture above, but the white one is missing in action and the green one is incomplete and missing his gun, probably still attached to the white one.

The army dudes

Alright now onto the big guns.These 2 are the ONLY complete action figures who are legitimately accurate to their counterparts in the service and in 1/32 goodness.Well not that accurate but you get the idea.The first army figure i got is the one in green camo on the right, it was at the 5th jakarta toys and comic fair.I didnt bought him complete in one go, it took me 2 years to finally put him together.Between the completion of the jungle warfare captain, i bought the figure on the left NAKED, no weapons, no vest's, only clothes.But i managed to complete him together with the jungle camo guy and they have been like this ever since.I have some other accessories stored away in compartments also and a naked figure of Pierce Brosnan somewhere in the containers waiting to be unveiled also.

Oh and i would like to notify that these are not dolls, they're ACTION figures okay? enough said.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Making Time

Every Monday morning i wake up, get ready for school, breakfast, then school, home, the occasional tutor meets, a little tv or internet time, then bed.Everything is like clockwork, except for this morning because there was a Cambridge exam in the afternoon and i decided to stay at home and not go to school until the exam starts.I run a tight schedule but i still managed to goof off in the downtimes because... i make time.

If the tutor arrives at 5 then i play playstation until 5, that big quiz at school starts at 4th period then i play fifa with the boys at the back of the class until then.They say that time cant be made because it is physically impossible, well it actually is but my point is we can make the most of the time we have here on earth by fiddling in some time for our self's.Sure the Cambridge exam is big and important and all, but why throw away your social life for around 1 half hours of writing into dull exam papers?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bandung Roadtrip

Today at November 4th 2012, one of my late grandfathers baby brother passed away.Apparently he had a hard attack and never came back from it, rest in peace.The funeral is set in Bandung and since nobody can plan death, my family who just moved in to our new home sets off to Bandung to attend the funeral.Me, i was just excited to go to Bandung because i am such a facetious person.

Bandung can be reached by a 1 half hour car ride through the Cipularang toll.Cipularang is a very dangerous place because the roads are unstable and it has claimed many life throughout its completion.That's why we say our prayers when we cross one of its bridges to keep us safe.It didnt take long before we arrived and had to look for the cemetery.The cemetery is said to be near the Cikutra Heroes memorial area.One of my auntie said on the phone to turn left at the memorial.We did and we were sent up a narrow road up a hillside area when we finally stopped when we think that we are going nowhere.We called my mums big bro who is a local there and he told us to turn RIGHT at the memorial.Apparently his wife, the one we just called before did not know where we were from when we hit the memorial.

We didnt waste any time at the cemetery, we just arrived, then climbed up the stairs in the cemetery to get to the burial site, arrived exhausted, say hi to the remaining family members near the grave, say our prayers to my deceased grandfather's brother, then head on down back to our car and went away to the funeral home to say our condolence to the wife and daughter of the deceased.It only took us around 10 minutes in the funeral home where we say our goodbye's and let the fun begin!

 We head off to buy a Bandung pastry specialty which is the soes merdeka.Soes merdeka is a famous brand in Bandung, they make one of the best soes in the world.Soes is some kind of Dutch pastry that we Indonesians localize to meet our standards which means adding more rum in the cream mix.The soes are like the ones my mum used to make, except that mum isn't an alcoholic like the mad pastry chefs at soes merdeka.Nevertheless they still taste great and we love em.

 The next spot to hit is to have lunch because we are so hungry.Now here's a a real Bandung thing; the popular menu that they eat there are batagors, bakso, noodles, and for drinks strawberry juice.The most famous joint to have all of the above besides the strawberry juice is batagor Kingsley.My cousin is friends with the owners of the place and we've been regulars there ever since our first trip there.The place is always packed and even we have to wait for a table, fortunately we didnt wait long before we got a table.My mum and i had the batagor kuah which is an insult to my driver the lord.He thinks that its wrong to have something that is supposed to be eaten fried, eaten with soup.Well he does have a point because batagor means "baso tahu goreng" which means fried meatballs and tofu.My sister had a batagor and my dad ate some meatball noodles.And for the Lord, well i bet you already know the answer.

 Before we went home, we bought some cake at another famous pastry shop in Bandung called kartika sari.I didnt like any of the cake's they made because i'm no fan of boiled brownies or layered rainbow cakes.My dad insisted on praying at a nearby mosque before hitting the highway back home.So we did at the An nuur mosque.The place is quite nice, it has a cool atmosphere, clean, and a wooden floor. Alright this is the 2nd mosque i've been to in Bandung which has wooden flooring and i now have a theory that good mosque's in Bandung have wooden flooring planks...noted.
We arrived at the toll just as this big freak storm happens on the highway.Sure it does not look that bad on the picture but it was if you were there with me.And it was on the Cipularang part too which made it 100 times scarier.I was scared that the car would slip up and fell of a cliff, but luckily that didn't happen and we were back in our homes safe and sound ready to meet my mums other brother back at home.Here's another picture of the storm...

look at that bad boy...