Saturday, October 27, 2012

iPhone Historia

The iphone has been around since forever as i can remember them.I bought my first one in 2010 and have been an iphone user since.These are the stories about them.

The 3g

I bought this baby when everyone thinks that the iphone wasn't worth it.After market sales drops drastically because demand for them was so low, back then everyone were using their blackberries and they were all the rage.My dad offered me to buy a blackberry but i refused and went with this guy.I learned EVERYTHING from this 3g.I learned how to jailbreak my phone, mess it up in the process, learned the crappy apple phone policy, and then even learned how to restore the phone back to "out of the box" state.I opted for a thick sports silicone case for the iphone because i like the added safety it gave me,
The years pass or actually about 8 months passed and the iphone 3gs came out on sale, a few months later the iphone 4 came out and then my 3g was officially outdated.New apps became less efficient and laggy on my phone because they were optimal for the newer iphones but not my old 3g.But i sticked around with my 3g and still runs it jailbroken, and i tweaked it to seem "faster" but it only seemed faster when i switch pages between my apps screen, not faster in hardware terms.

The 4s

After the iphone 4 was squeezed out by apple, came the 4s.My parents bought my sister a 4s for her birthday.Because the 4s had a new app called siri pre-installed i was eager to try it out on my sisters new phone.I liked siri because it can talk, no really it talks.Other than that, the phone was faster, newer, and above all... faster.It can run games in high definition and has a faster processor and more RAM than my old 3g.
My parents, seing that i play around with my sisters 4s a lot, decided to buy me a 4s so i would not bother her again.It was a school night and i just arrived late from school, my mum suddenly barged out the bedroom door and asked me how to turn "it" on."it" turns out to be my new 4s, i thought that it was some kind of new gps system because it has a damn thick case which is cool but kind of a bother in your pockets coz the home buttons constantly gets pushed accidentally and then siri began talking inside my pockets.But with the flaws i still love this phone because its new and i can run some newer apps on it FASTER.

I still keep my 3g around because i cant throw it away, not after it taught me all the important lessons in iphone using, jailbreaking, etc.Maybe i would make some "guy destroys iphone" video on youtube and get rid of the 3g that way, but that seems pretty unlikely.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Bread In The World

Alright, its Idul adha and my sister is coming back from school for the holidays or about 10 days.There are some things that my mum wanted her to grab for my mum before she hopped on the airplane and went back home.But under all those magazines, korean drama movies, and lipsticks lies a diamond in the rust...The BEST bread in the world!!

These babies are the bomb.They are ok by them self's, but even better when they are combined with your favorite bread spread.My favorite spread is the laughing cow cream cheese, but you can use whatever you want on them and they still taste awesome. The loafs are made by Gardenia, a famous bakery who makes marvelous breads... what you dont know them? google them! How dare you insult the people who makes this wonderful creation appear in the face of the earth for you and i to enjoy!
Aside from the best bread in the world, my sister also brought me and my mum a "dirty" springwash by Lush.Lush used to have an outlet in Jakarta, but they closed down due to minor problems and then we never bought another soap from them.I've seen the normal and small bottle for this thing, but i didn't know they have a big bottle version!I was so surprised but happy at the same time because my skin could feel fresh, minty, and tingly after my shower... no, it really says that on the bottle.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Moving Out Plans

Right now i am still leaving with my parents at my uncles house in Pondok indah while he and his wife lives in Bintaro,But now he is planning on redecorating the house so we had to move out.The prime candidate for our new home location is my dads old house a couple of blocks away from my home right now.The condition of the house is in an unlivable state per our family standards, lots of dirt everywhere, no greenery, paint peeling off and crusty, etc.So to make our living space more livable, we are also redecorating our new "old" house.

Here's a little history recap.The house was originally my grandfathers, he design it himself and built it to his standards.I used to live there when i was in elementary school while we waited for my other house in Cipete being built.The place is not bad, when you left out some of the creepy area's in the house.But my dad says that because we are descendants of my grandfather then the "security" in the house wont bother us.Well even if i don't believe stuff like that, just hearing the reassuring words of my dad makes me feel better.

The house is being painted, and some of the dirt dug up to make space for some of the tree's my mum is going to import from our house right now.Today my dad got the afternoon off so we can check out whats happening on the projects.I brought my Penny board so i can cruise around the house in style.Today my dad checked out some of the paintwork thats done while making some measurments to make sure our furniture fits inside the rooms.We planned on living in the second floor while leaving most of the first floor bedrooms the same to anticipate my grandmother barging in uninvited (no offense grandma).I got to get a separate room and plan on moving a piano and my drumkit inside.But im also considering using my grandpa's old office as a whole music room so that i can get more room in my bedroom.

With all the thought of the renovations though, we decided to take thins slow on moving.Just let the flow go and enjoy the process because in the end we are going to live there for some reason:D. We are scheduled to move there this "big" moon, or whatever the hell that means...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taking the math test... again

Today is the beginning of the cambridge exams, and what better way to celebrate it with doing paper 1 of mathematics.Of course i studied before the exam, as i always do.But last year the exam was so hard that i got a U for math, and i cried when i got the results.

Today i did not go to school because i had to prepare for the exam on my own.Neither that, or i was just so lazy and didnt want to go to class.Either way i went so SMAN78 to take the test, because my school is not a designated Cambridge exam center.I went there at around 1 o clock and met up with my friends there taking the test also.There aren't many of us taking the test, only 6.

As soon as the test began at 2.30 PM, i scrambled and did the questions.Amazingly out of 11 questions, i did 8 to 9 questions which is almost a 100% increase from last years 4 questions answered.The test was not that hard, hopefully i would get a good mark for this part of the math test.There are 3 more math papers and a hole lot of biology, physichs, and chemistry papers.But until the 19th of October, its smooth sailing from here.

Should i take my mid semesters or what...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

Its Sunday night and i have to face the facts that tomorrow i will be going back to my regular routines.Wake up, got to school, then back home, maybe study for Cambridge, then bed.But before go to sleep tonight, i always have a quick recap of the things happening during my saturday and sunday weekends.

Yesterday i watched Gandang's band play at Skyavenue 12, of course almost no one besides me, his girlfriend, and some of my classmates were the only ones watching his band played because no one hardly knew them.But they played okay, and the bands lead vocalist a looker...(No HOMO).After Skyave, i went to Bintaro to meetup with my family.Had a break then off to Kharina's birthday party at Menteng.The party's at Gandy's steakhouse which is some sort of family restaurant shimadadong, but i get to hang with some of my friends there.The downside was i had to drive my friends Dhira and Riri back home, well not to their houses.Dhira was picked up by her dad near Brawijaya, as for Riri, well i dropped her off at her house.

Sunday morning was slow, i woke up, then checked out my "new old house" in Metro alam.Its in the same neighborhood as my house right now, but a bit more near PIM.We are scheduled to move there in a couple of months now.Then we head off to Gancy for Lotte mart.After that i pretty much stayed at home, and now im writing this blog post, reminiscing about the stuff i did on my weekends.

Oh and i also did this cool little artwork for Gandang's band, he said he wanted help making his bands logo, but he rejected this picture because he didnt dig the owl, haha...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun squeezed into tight schedule's

look at her, no not the girl in the background...
Its October now, and my Cambridge A level exams are starting.With the exam days coming, my studies for the Cambridge curriculum are doubled, heck tripled because of the lack of materials already studied by me and some of my friends.Its been a couple of weeks when i've come home late because of the constant tutorial times scheduled after school hours are finished.My head is streesed during the weekdays, and i have only 1 and a half day of full relaxation.Not to mention some of the KTSP stuff that i am also studying...

But its not just about getting good grades for the exam, you cant just study all the time, you HAVE to have some fun time's also to release stress.Even those little moments you had laughing from nonsensical events happening around you.Today during English, Nindra and i reenacted, or at least tried to reenact the sinking of the titanic.While i was still listening to my English teacher Nick talk about Toefl stuff, me and Nindra is making the paper miniature of the titanic from scrap parking tickets and flazz reciepts.The results is mostly adequate.

Since it was the titanic, we thought that it has to sink somehow.So we ended up doing this...

Monday, October 1, 2012

JPG Bike trail Riding

I was supposed to write this yesterday, but due to the fact that i was pretty damn tired after riding the trails with my uncle and his friend's, i had to take the rest of the day off.

On Saturday night, my uncle dropped by my house and said that he was going to do some trail riding with his friend's on the JPG bike trails and then a trip to UI in Depok.I needed something to do so i tagged along with him.I drove up to his house in Bintaro Sunday morning and arrived at around 6.30 in the morning.We prepped up, meet up with the rest of the group and then set off to the JPG trails.

 When my uncle said that we were going for a stroll on mountain bikes, apparently he was talking pro standards.The road getting there was mediocre, nothing difficult not counting some of the harsh ascends though.But when we arrived in the trails, the "fun" really begins.Sharp turns, mixed together with steep inclines INTO sharp turns, and the crazy bumpy ascends uphill, and then criss - crossing trails just enough for the bike tires to barely grip on.As it was my first time riding there, i chickened out on some of the obstacles because i haven't the courage to go past them.

After we were quite satisfied (actually, after THEY are satisfied...) we head off intentionally to UI, but we stopped a quater way there, because my uncle thinks that we (me) are tired and cant stand the heat.What makes me tired isn't the distance, its just the climate, i cant stand the hotness of the scorching sun.So we head back and go around the back dirt trails of serpong, across a railroad track, through small steel bridges across rivers, and then an uphill climb back to the JPG bike trail start point.We had a break and drink some coconut water ( which was a bad idea because it will make your body feel weak), then we head back to Bintaro and had breakfast at a pecel joint near my uncles house.

Overall the trip was okay, my uncle thinks that i can do better with a little more practice here and there, also work on my technique and so on...
Had to admit that even though the bike riding did make me tired, it did bring some new scenery and a change of pace.From the urban buildings and suburbs, i rode to hillside area's, and rice paddy's which are wonderful.And even go through some of the happy villagers home along the trails and backroads, which is a new experience to me, but it helped me experience a whole new neighborhood that i have NEVER went through.I may be tired, but at least im happy...

...Or not...