Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday night at Le maison

Hey guys,

I've just arrived from a meet up with "Z" my math tutor and my friend Kharina in the shoppes area of Pondok indah.She studies there with Z and i happend to be in the neighborhood ( actually i was at home doing nothing) so i grabbed my skateboard and went of to meet them. Good thing Her family was kind enough to drop me off back at my place, because riding my skateboard through busy traffic at night is probably gonna be hell.

Anyways, my uncle dropped by to try out his mountain bike app for tomorow morning.I asked if i can tag along, he said okay.That means i will be tagging along with him and his friends tomorrow morning riding mountain bikes from bintaro to the forest near depok.Knowing my uncle, this is not gonna be a smooth road adventure so i'll best be prepared !

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The DNA series

My Biology teacher gave my class a group assignment, to make a DNA series. Yes, a freakin DNA series, from paper, toothpicks, softboard nails, and some stylofoam (actually it needs some wine bottle plugs, but they are so damn expensive). Knowing the complexity of the assignment, i quickly group up with the people i know who likes to do school stuff quickly; Kharina and "JP". The assignment was given last friday and due tomorow or monday, we wanted to do them quickly so we had to do them this week. But because of the constant tutorials i need to endure, i cannot do the assignment on monday untill wednesday, we have to do it today.

The group opted for my house as prime location to meet up and do the damn DNA thing.I had to cut the stylofoam into 48 individual round pieces, then JP had to paint them while Kharina makes arrangements and cut out the dna base from cardstock. After those are done, we grouped up to put them all together into one big DNA series.At around 7 P.M we were done, or we thought we did, because the nails cant hold up the toothpicked stylofoam and the whole series crippled and Kharina decided to break down the whole thing altogether and start all over, but this time we double taped the stylofoam to the paper square ( god help you to figure what that thing is), and then nail them.To my surprise, the workaround worked and we were glad to have this finished...
Sure the thing looks shaky, but it holds so that will have to do, lets just hope that we dont have to twirl the thing tomorow at class.Also i will be going to school late at around Friday Prayer time because im just that lazy to go to school :p

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Piano covers

The video up there is one of the things that inspired me to start playing the piano again after a long time of piano vacuum.The reason i stopped was because i was getting sick of playing the classics that i dont really like playing, after seing somebody play a pop song on the piano, i had to play again.So far i am able to play the song "somewhere only we know" on the piano almost like the cover up there, but playing the piano is a form of self expression, so it doesent really matter.

I am thinking of making some videos of me playing the piano, and then posting them on the youtube, but i havent got the time and the courage to do so (peer pressure and all).But what do you think? should i post some vids of me playing?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Demo

Resident evil, who hasn't heard of the resident evil series? Ever since the game came out on the PS1 , it has gathered an army of fanboys from all over the world.Resident evil is a survival horror game containing many amount of zombies and monsters of all kind.The zombies are not your ordinary "back from the dead" zombies, but a "raised in a lab" zombie, or call it simply bio weapons.I didnt get the chance to play the resident evil 5 on the next gen consoles, so i was eager to play the 6th installment of the game.The public demo is out now, but i played the exclusive demo included when i bought dragons dogma a couple of months back.The exclusive demo includes gameplay from 3 major characters in the game; Leon, Chris, and Jake.

1.Leon's demo

Leon's demo is staged in a small American college town named tall oaks.The demo starts with leon shooting the games President of the united states because he has turned to a zombie.Leon is filled with grief of shooting the president throughout the whole gameplay.This portion of the demo is centered in the dark story telling theme of the game where "all hope is lost".The level is filled with dark hallways, bloody doors, and a few "scare you" moments scattered in time's where you would'nt even expected it (or expected it).The demo starts getting interesting after the elevator portion, where Leon has to fight off hordes of zombies in an underground parking lot.The demo ends when Leon gets inside a security room and see's 2 college kids getting mauled by zombies.

2.Chris's demo

Chris redfield, former raccoon city S.T.A.R.S. , and BSAA agent is called back to lead a team of special operations unit in cleaning out a town overrun by bio weapons.The Setting in this part of the demo is a Chinese metropolitan rooftop area's.Although the beginning cinematic takes place somewhere in eastern Europe, the gameplay itself skips to the Chinese part.This section of the demo is my favorite because it focuses on the battle's.The constant need to switch to your sidearm when ammo is scarce, the random enemies popping out of staircases and corners, and the amazing finale of the level where Chris and his partner has to fend off hordes of enemies waiting for backup.The enemies here are no flesh eating zombies, but weapon wielding J'arvo's.J'arvo is some sort of word meaning "devil".Although this level features no zombies, the enemies start to mix up when we shoot their masks and they start mutating into either flying monsters or big muscled tanks.

3.Jake's demo

Jake is a new character in the series.Son of Albert Wesker, Jake is a mercenary who is being chased by a bio weapon called "Ustanak", a big scary thing with a bionic arm.This section of the demo demonstrates Resident evil 6 boss fights, this is the only section where i died...only once though.The game starts off with Jake being chased by Ustanak, after escaping the Ustanak (for a minute), Jake goes head to head with Ustanak.Spoiler ALERT: you can shoot the red explosive barrels when Ustanak is near one of them to hurt him, do this a couple of time to complete the level.Jake is supposedly Immune to the C virus, because of Weskers blood, he supposedly developes some kind of super human abilities in the game.In the demo, i see no proof of this power, maybe the developers are saving it for the real game?

In conclusion, this demo is worth my time, it has given me a taste of resident evil 6 and im hungry for more.I havent played through the other 3 character stories in the demo(partners). The demo lets you choose who to control in each story.This game is promising, and i hope that when the real game comes out in 2nd October, the game wont turn out to be a total rip off...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shooting The Voting sessions

My Nationality teacher (or KWN) gave my class a group assignment. The assignment was to make a short documentary on anything related to politics. My group consist of 7 people; Kharina, "JP", Yobbi, Calvin, Sukma, Gandang, and myself.Since the voting session for the Governor of Jakarta was today, the group decided to take some shots of people near the "TPS" (tempat pemungutan suara) near JP's house in Kalibata.

Her house is located inside the intelligence bureau of Indonesia , since her dads works there.I drove up to her house today bringing my handycam to meet up with the guys there.The first faces i saw there were the security guards at the gate asking what i was doing going to a restricted housing area.I explained to them that i was going to do an assignment with my friend who lives there, and then they let me in, no hassle whatsoever. But Yobbi and Calvin had to drop their citizen id cards for some reason when they went through the gate, since they were the first 2 to go inside.We waited for the rest of the kids to arrive and then we all went to the TPS near JP's house.

Thanks to JP's dad for pulling a few strings with the guys there, we managed to shoot some footage of people doing the voting session earlier today, we also did some interviews with them.We asked a few question to the voters, the committee, and even one of the buffed out military police there who sadly did not get a chance to vote because he is not a Jakarta citizen.I even did a few rounds on my penny board around the TPS which i must say have some excellent smooth roads and wonderful climate.The footage we got has not been edited yet and we may need to add some more to make the movie a bit longer.But until then, here is a picture of one of the people we interviewed...
Rock that hair...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Guide to Random Photography

Through the course of my life i have taken countless of random or sometimes even incomprehensible photographs with my camera phone.The earliest record was a picture of one of the construction worker working on my house when i was a 6th grader, taken on a nokia 7250.The rest is history, i began snapping pictures in public spaces, sometimes even told not to by the local security.The pictures i took are taken in totally random, non setting situations.Sometimes i just take crap pictures, but when i time it right, the pictures are just playing awesome.To hep you, and other people experience the joy of the art which i self-named "random photography" i have compiled a simple guide to help you get some ideas, as well as tips when doing some rantography.

1.Try and take pictures that You experience

What i mean by experience is, try to take pictures that are connected to your day to day life.Something that you will have to put up with during your 9 to 5 grind everyday.Since i still go to school, some of the pictures i took are themed to a school environment like pictures of the items in my friends backpack that i raided while he was not looking.


This is a key tip when doing rantography, timing.The picture on the right is a very clever example of good timing when snapping pictures.Even though the target ( and myself, inside a double deck bus) are moving in a generally fast speed, the taxi's and the scenery of the sidewalk and the trees are still and not blurry as you would see them if you are moving very fast.Frankly speaking, i was lucky with this one.Which brings us to the next tip...

 3.Be at the right place, at the right time...


Taking pictures of your uncle and mother together in one shot is easy, all you need is both of them in the line of sight of your camera, and then take the picture.But taking a picture of your uncle trying to take a picture of your mom on the beach is a little bit tricky, you will have to be with them when they are actually doing the task( does not make sense? then forget it...). Some of the most beautiful pictures are the ones caught unnoticed.

4.If you caught a bad one, just capture another one...


This tip does not only work when capturing pokemons, it also works in rantography. When the picture you get is a shaky one, don't worry, just try and take another one.If the second one is bad and the moment is loss, then maybe the first shaky picture IS the moment.Even though its shaky, YOU still know what it is about, and you can tell other people about it, tell them the story.This tip even though sounds like someone in denial, it could make you fell better at your failures :P

5.Be subtle, and have fun.


Finally, all you have to next is go out to the world and take pictures, have fun while doing it, and share the pictures you took with the people around you, and who knows, you might win some sort of photo contest or something, and say that you took the picture by accident, and laugh as you see the awe faces of the pro photographers you managed to beat.... although it seems unlikely...

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Trip to Singapore

My sister was home for the Idul Fitri holidays and after 3 weeks, it was time for her to go back and continue her studies in Singapore.I dont know why, but my family thinks that we should tag along with her to Singapore to drop her off there while getting some R&R for our self's altogether.We booked our flights before she was even here and we got a sweet deal from jetstar, 20$ per person return flight from here to Singapore which was pretty MAD if you ask me.


So we Fly to Singapore on the 5th of September in the morning.I had to skip some school days but hey you gotta sacrifice some things.... for something better right?(no). The flight to Singapore was a standard 1 and a half hours and the time in Singapore was 1 hour faster then Jakarta if you are wandering.

The first thing when we got to Singapore was Checking in to the hotel, my sister had a class schedule, so she didn't come with me my mum and my dad to the hotel, instead she went to her HDB( high development building) and then to university.The hotel of choice was the Concorde hotel in orchard road, just after Center Point and Orchard central.The room wasn't ready yet so we dropped our luggage and walked around Orchard until around 2 o clock in the afternoon.After the room was ready we went to the hotel room for prayer and waited for my sister to meet us back in orchard road, after we met up, it was off to IKEA in Tampines.

My Mum and Bry-Bry the doll
IKEA is a famous furniture mega store based in Switzerland.We don't have IKEA in Jakarta and The one in Singapore was the nearest one from us.Lots of Indonesians like to go there to buy some furniture, but we were there because my sister needed some mirrors and a drawer for her room in Singapore. IKEA does not just sell furniture, they also sell some household cutlery, tools, pillows, bedsheets, and even dolls.We picked up a 3 drawer cupboard( if that even makes sense) and a 2x1 meter mirror.The stuff we picked up came as a knock down or "not yet assembled" items, so we need to find out how to put them together.Luckily my sisters host knows a reliable handyman who can help her put the stuff together, which is a good news for me and my dad which means that we didn't have to go through all the trouble of putting a drawer together and drilling a mirror to my sisters wardrobe.

After we were done at IKEA we went to my sisters HDB to drop the furniture.We took a break in my sisters room only to find the horrors waiting at my sisters wardrobe...

My sister is well known for being lazy when doing the washing up but this was just ridiculous, i mean look at that wardrobe, its just a big pile of bundled up clothing inside a wardrobe which is now not a wardrobe but a sinking ship.Anyways my mum decided to help her out with cleaning her room for around half an hour when we finally finished and decided to go out agin in orchard for an evenings walkabout.


Harbor front view
Day 2 started slow with a late wakeup in the hotel. My sister decided to stay with us at the hotel during our period in Singapore.She had an early class so she went off at around 7 in the morning and went to class, i was half asleep so my dad had to company her to the mrt station in Dhobby Ghout.After he went back, my mum, me and my dad walked around orchard while doing some light shopping. We stopped over at GNC for some pills, stop by LUSH to buy some soap, Stop by the VANS store at Ion to pick up some new kicks for me, then we had lunch in burgerking.After we finished our lunch we head off to meetup with my sister again in raffles city to eat some other food.At this point i was so full, but then again walking around anywhere you had to go burns out some of the food you eat, so we ate some pepper lunch again at raffles city.Before we went home we stopped over at vivo city for some afternoon sight see.


Today we were scheduled to get some things for my uncle Bima and my Aunt lilieq. My uncle wants us to pick him out a watch for him, we opted for a g shock for him because he needed a watch that has a compass on it.The nearest G-factory we could think of was the one in Takashimaya.A little history for you shoppers out there, Takashimaya department store was opened established in 1988 and it has been sucking tourist money from different parts of the world ever since.The Place is so popular with the tourist crowd for its renown tourist discount giving abilities.We bought my uncles watch there, and my mom also picked up a swatch and a pair of birkenstocks there.This day of the trip was Friday, so me and my dad has to go to the mosque behind Paragon mall to do our Friday prayers.After the prayers were done the family and i decided to go to Bugis to do a little exploring, and i happen to know a good place to eat there which i learned during my trip to Singapore with my Classmates a couple of months ago, QI JI, a restaurant specializing in nasi lemak and other singaporean and malaysian delicacies, and it has the halal sign at the front of the restaurant.

At around 3 o clock my mum wanted to see clarke quay, and so we went there... by bus, we missed the bus stop to boat quay and end up in the office buildings surrounding the singaporean city hall.For the last 2 days all i've been doing is going in and around malls, no adventure whatsoever.But now i got what i wanted for, and in advance too.We were lost for a couple of minutes, and then we diceded to asked a local for help, he pointed us to the nearest mrt station which was in raffles.After we took the mrt from raffles to clarke quay my mum was devastated because it was raining outside so it was definite no-go for clarke quay.My mum was interested in one of the figure statues in the underground tunnel ways so she took a picture with one of them.It was getting late and tomorrow we were going home, so we needed to pack the stuff we had for the flight.Before we head for the hotel we stopped by Harvey Normans to buy a printer for our house.

apparently we had so many stuff in our disposal

The Final Day

Miraculously, against all odds our stuff was neatly packed in our luggage, even the printer was packed as a silver suitcase so we can bring them protectively and easily . We checked out from the hotel at 10 and left the baggage at the concierge because we wanted to have lunch with my sister before we left.We had lunch at a hawker fare in Bugis, and had desert at swensens. After we were finished with lunch we walked around Bugis for a bit, then we went back to the hotel to pick-up our luggage, then we said goodbye to Karin as we dropped her off at her HDB while we were on our way to the airport.Me, my dad, and my mum checked in to our flight at around 4-5 o clock, but our flight was at 8 so we had a long time to wait for till the flight.My mum shopped around the airport terminal in Changi to kill time.It was 8 o clock and we boarded our flight to Jakarta and then we were in Soekarno Hatta international Airport Jakarta.The printer and other luggage got through the customs guys unnoticed ( we were under the normal family limit anyways) and then we were home free.

We were picked up by my driver "lord Chamberlane" and then we were driven home to Pondok Indah. I was so tired that i didnt even bother to eat dinner with my mum and dad once we got home, and just went straiht to bed.

This Singapore trip is almost the same to all of my other trips but this one is special, because it involves my sister, IKEA, and the cat and mouse game with the Customs guys (even though i've been through countless of times). Trips to Singapore are always a memorable one, even though they could get boring after the 100th time...


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back home and in denial

As most of you may or may not know, im back!.

After a 4 day trip to Singapore to drop off my sist again for school, i am back in my room all alone and in denial.Why you ask? because i missed out on almost a week of school, i'm tired, and god knows whats waiting for me back at school, i'm afraid to turn on my blackberry because fear off knowing what news i have missed during my 4 day trip.

As promised i will make a travel post on my trips, and ill give you a little something extra, right now the photos are being imported and im thinking of other things to say.

until then stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A new journey cometh

This last week has been a pain in a butt with all the test and assignments due, but the week has set aside its hatred and gave me some fun time. Tomorrow, my family and i will be traveling to singapore to drop off my sister back for school and maybe catch a few R&R while we are at it, after all you cant work if you dont play right?

And with a new destination to set foot on( i've actually been there many times actually), also comes a new travel post, the same like my pangandaran post. And maybe this time it wont be an 8 hour journey just getting there.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Things we do at school (when the teachers are out)

There comes a time in every persons life, when they have to endure a vile creature also known as school for 12 years everyday for 8 hours a day.One of those person happens to be me, everyday its the same routine, i wake up at 5, shower then breakfast, put on my uniform and then go to school, arrive at school and study, go home, be tired of school while doing some homework, then finally bed.

But there are times during that 8 hours at school when the teachers are out, simply because they had other errands to run, or just because they are fed up with students and refused to teach during said period.And during that time gap, we students utilize that space to catch up on some things we miss out when we are at home.Here are a few examples.


The most popular activity in the early mornings of school.My classmates usually turn in at their tables and catch up on some lost sleeping times that they happen to forgot when they are at home and busy playing or doing an all - night assignment that was scheduled since the last week.We on our tables, on the floor, or any place thats free and can be used as a make do mattress for a couple of minutes before the teacher arrives.

2.Take pictures

If your stuck in an education environment for 8 hours, why not make that 8 hours, a FUN 8 hours with friends? And why not document these precious moments with photographs of you and your classmates, just so you could remember;"Hey that was the picture we took when the IT teacher was absent for the 3rd time that week!".


This is somewhat a rare and unique experience and only found in my classroom.One of my firends Gandang got real creative and brings his xbox to class and hooks it up to one of the lcd monitors at the back of the class and then its all downhill from there.The most favourite game we play is mostly fifa12 because its a multiplayer game and the guys loves it.

Those are just some of the things we do at school to keep us occupied, what about you? Do you play video games in class too?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mac problems

My classmate Rizky just came back from the states and brought the guys an Eddy guerro dvd.I happend to bring my mac to school because i need some school work done, and since i've finished them i decided to let them borrow my mac to watch the dvd.We put it in and waited for the movie to start, only to be greeted by "this dvd is set to a region which is diffrent than the drive, you cannot change the region of this drive, eject".Turns out that my dvd drive on my mac is locked and cannot change to a region 1 settings! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....

After i got home i researched my problems at google, and founded out that i can only change the region settings on my drive for 5 times, and after the 5th change, the drive is locked to last region i switched to.I have changed the region settings a couple of times when trying to watch some of my mums original dvd's with difrent region settings!the last one was a region 2 dvd i think.

The next day i went to iBox and asked one of the mac genious there and he said that i have to restart the mac and press cmd+option+p+r and wait till the mac restarts 3 times.Since i did not brimg my mac that time i will have to wait till i got home to do that.But when i tried the trick at home, it didnt work, the dvd player still shows the crummy warning sign.

Devastated, i try my last wildcard, my old lg external dvd drive.I put the dvd there and boom it started like a charm! The movies start and a conclusion was made, Apple puts so many restricions to their devices even though the device is able to whistand such task.I will try to go back to iBox and probably get this sorted out.After all bringing an external drive everywhere i go while having an internal dvd drive on my laptop is kinda silly...