Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Movie Review

A few weeks ago, approximately at the last day of school for this semester, me and some of my mates meetup to watch a movie. We wanted to watch "Habibie Ainun" but after seconds of rethinking with common sense, decided that we were better off to watch The Hobbit. Actually i wanted to watch this movie, my friends didn't know what movie to watch and i took the chance and dragged them to watch this movie with me. I am no Lord of the rings buff but i know a bit about its series stories and lore.

The Hobbit is a somewhat prequel to the first lord of the rings. It tells the adventure that Bilbo Baggins the uncle of the lord of the rings hero Frodo Baggins, undertake with a band of dwarfs and the infamous grey wizard Gandalf. They set on a quest to retake the dwarfs homeland from evil albino Orcs. The movie starts as Bilbo was writing a letter just like in the first movie, then sending Frodo to Gandalf's house which again, just like the first Lord of the rings movie, but then cuts to a flashback of Bilbo's first encounter with Gandalf. Then the movie really starts.

The movie is okay i guess, except for the major cliffhanger at the end where the evil dragon that the dwarf's have to defeat wakes up from an irritating pecker of a bird pecking at the walls of its lair. Guess the creators of the movie wanted to do a saga like starwars which spawned 6 movies and also in this periodical order; Movie. sequel. sequel. prequel to movie, prequel, than the prequel which "completes the saga". But that theory is just a crazy idea that me and the guys popped up.

Overall, the movie was great. It had some great action scenes, crude comedy, and apart from the ending and some of the stories unexplained in the movie... a good story. I am looking forward to the sequel to this prequel, coz i want to know what happened to that damned dragon... and why Bilbo Went evil.

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