Saturday, December 8, 2012

Roads less traveled

Since today is a saturday, i decided to go out with my uncle and his wife today. I dont know for whatever reason, but we wanted to go to central park today. Actually my mum and uncle wanted to go there, they were wondering what the whole fuzz is about in that place. After filling up my uncles bettle, we head off with the livina to central park mall. But to our suprise, when we opened google maps all the traffic records in the roads were BLOOD RED which means they are all clogged up.

The Bintaro toll was clogged so we wanted to head through the mebon jeruk toll through the backroads. But the backroads were also clogged up. One turn led to a detour which took us on a roundy round road to ciledug which was also clogged up. The auntie was giving off sour faces to my uncle for his choice of roads, i just kept to myself and focused on driving the damn car. But eventually we reached a small road which leads to taman anggrek and that means we only need about 5 minutes drive to central park from there...theorethically. But since the traffic was horrible it took us 15 minutes :p

Anyways we arrived in central park all starving, we had a "snack" in burger king and also to meet up with my dad who has managed to sneak off from his symposium in Cipto hospital. Central park looked a lot like vivo city singapore, or at least it tried to. The place was chock full of people and the toilets were dirty because the cleaners dont have a chance to clean because people kept using the potty. Parking connections were also a bit messed up, they had 2 LG levels which were below ground levels, they were seperated by half a level and the mall entrances were not strategically placed.

But out of those cons the place had, central park has a gem hidden under its sleave, yes you guesed it, an actual central park. The center of the mall was a park which was surrounded also by the pullman hotel and there were many restaurants around it. The place is such a great photo op place, especially after the sun goes down. The trees were covered in neon and it looked like the roads in alam sutra in BSD.

Overall todays small adventure to central park was not worth it in my opinion. Sure the place is nice with its wide collection of shops there, but the road getting there was too far if you live down south, and there were no luxury boutiques like LV and dior...not that i go to those minds of shops or anything. But todays jouney isnt all the buzzkill, after all getting to hour destination is already half the fun right?

But what do you think about central park mall? Is it a good place to hang in? Maybe for the people living near the mall...

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