Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Movie Review

A few weeks ago, approximately at the last day of school for this semester, me and some of my mates meetup to watch a movie. We wanted to watch "Habibie Ainun" but after seconds of rethinking with common sense, decided that we were better off to watch The Hobbit. Actually i wanted to watch this movie, my friends didn't know what movie to watch and i took the chance and dragged them to watch this movie with me. I am no Lord of the rings buff but i know a bit about its series stories and lore.

The Hobbit is a somewhat prequel to the first lord of the rings. It tells the adventure that Bilbo Baggins the uncle of the lord of the rings hero Frodo Baggins, undertake with a band of dwarfs and the infamous grey wizard Gandalf. They set on a quest to retake the dwarfs homeland from evil albino Orcs. The movie starts as Bilbo was writing a letter just like in the first movie, then sending Frodo to Gandalf's house which again, just like the first Lord of the rings movie, but then cuts to a flashback of Bilbo's first encounter with Gandalf. Then the movie really starts.

The movie is okay i guess, except for the major cliffhanger at the end where the evil dragon that the dwarf's have to defeat wakes up from an irritating pecker of a bird pecking at the walls of its lair. Guess the creators of the movie wanted to do a saga like starwars which spawned 6 movies and also in this periodical order; Movie. sequel. sequel. prequel to movie, prequel, than the prequel which "completes the saga". But that theory is just a crazy idea that me and the guys popped up.

Overall, the movie was great. It had some great action scenes, crude comedy, and apart from the ending and some of the stories unexplained in the movie... a good story. I am looking forward to the sequel to this prequel, coz i want to know what happened to that damned dragon... and why Bilbo Went evil.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My New Found Hero

That right there!

That is one heck of a showmanship. That video is a small teaser for an Indonesian travel video called "Jalan-Jalan Men!" or sight seeing in English. My friend showed me that video today earlier at class during recess in between the tryouts, and then i thought; hey that guy rocks!

The show is about traveling, now everyone has seen traveling shows but this one is special. Well its special for me because i like the host's attitude. He's just like that college crazy big brother that i never had, i know Adriel is up for stuff like this i just know it.

Anyways, so far the show only consist of 1 season and 1 destination which is Jogja. But i think that there will be more videos in the future.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

vibram FiveFingers, a definitive list.

Vibram five fingers (vff), the greatest invention in the world of footwear in my opinion at least. The first time i've ever heard of the guys at vibram were good at was making soles. You know, those things that you put under your shoes for traction. Well anyways my mum heard of the vff's from a magazine that she read about. I thought these were a laughing stock, because at that time i was rocking a pair of nike frees. But after i tasted the sensation of barefoot shoes like vffs, i was hooked. 

This is a list of all the vff's i have ever and still owned...


KSO stands for "keeps stuff out", hence the mesh like fabric on top of the shoes. These pair was the first and the best vff i've ever had. I picked this out in Singapore. After my mum read about them in the magazines, the first shop we hit when we arrived in Singapore was an outdoor/ shoe store in Novena. All of my family members; mum, dad, and my sister bought a pair of vff's. I opted for a KSO because the shop keep said that i can use this for ANYTHING.

And anything i did, i ran with my KSO, i walked on rocky terrain ( even though they were such a pain in the foot for the 1st month), stepped on puddles, go to the mall, even go for a dip with them. I was in love allover again, i ditched my pair of nike frees and rocked my KSO's everywhere i go.

But not anything last forever. Because of my hardcore usage of my KSO, a big gouging hole formed on my big toe-sock area. I tried stitching them but the hole just became bigger and bigger. And the soaky rainy days when i stepped on puddles? It made my vff's turn into an atomic stink bomb. The smell was horrible ( according to witness testimonies)

But thankfully, i had that trip to Singapore with my classmates and my parents and sister happens to be in Singapore for a uni survey for my sister in Curtin. And my mum bought me a new pair of vibrams; the Komodo sport.

2.Komodo sport

The komodo sport was at that time, the latest vff engineered for running and mostly indoor gym activities. I was thrilled to test drive them out in Universal studios Singapore and they fell great. The soles on the komodo are made into a groove like shape, unlike the foot-like shape on the previous KSO.

They were hella comfortable but they have a minor downside; versatility and durability. Like i said before, these vff's are made for cross training and running, but i used them just like my old KSO's. The thicker fabric makes it harder for the shoe to dry off after a dip in water, wetness means dampness, which then leads to my foot stench. Next, the shoe has an inner sole inlay cushion which in time, the glue will weaken and then you get that unwell sensation of loose fabric in your toes.

But still, the komodos were a good change of scenery, at least i dont have a big hole on my toes pockets.

3.The FLO

 The Komodos were ok, but i still prefer the feel of the KSO. And as a matter of fact, there is another variation of the KSO which is engineered for watersport activities. Because of this they use a neoprene ( wetsuit material) for the shoe. I wanted to try these out because they have a sole similar to the KSO but a different material.

As you know vff's are hard to come by from a legit distributor in Jakarta, and my mums friend is going to Singapore, i managed to slip a pair of FLO in the "shopping list" that my mum gave to her friend. I was psyched to get try them on as soon as they arrive home, but alas my mums friend bought me THE WRONG SIZE. I wear vffs size 44, and vff's are true fit so a 45 would not fit me and they would feel sluggish.

My foot would feel awkwardly weird each time i wore them because of the size problem. Because of this i stopped wearing them for the first 4 days and have not tried them again since. I still keep them around just in case my dad wants to wear them (he wears 45) or maybe when i grow up.

4. The Classics

The classics, my current vff. The classics are actually the first ever vff ever made by vibram, even before the KSO. When my mum bought me the Komodo, she bought herself a classic and i was eager to try a classic too. Because of the "open" design, i mostly use them for walking around and for casual wear. Although the teachers at school sometimes mind me wearing them, i wear them to school anyways just for good measure.

Now, i bought a smartwool classic. Smartwool is the material, its actually just normal wool but with a catchier name. Now smartwools tend to be tighter the first time you bought them. When i first bought them and tested them out on the streets of orchard, they were a pain, even though i am an experienced vff user. After a quick research to , the smartwool classics tend to be 1 size down than normal vff sizing. But with a quick heel inversion technique, the classics stretched a bit and my feet were feeling better than before, with the few occasional slags however.

What about you? are you a vff user? whats your favourite vff?
If your not a vff user than i highly recommend you get a pair right this instance, do a google search though, because i heard that there is a new 2013 model coming up next spring which is a mix of the KSO and the classic, my two best vibrams ever!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Roads less traveled

Since today is a saturday, i decided to go out with my uncle and his wife today. I dont know for whatever reason, but we wanted to go to central park today. Actually my mum and uncle wanted to go there, they were wondering what the whole fuzz is about in that place. After filling up my uncles bettle, we head off with the livina to central park mall. But to our suprise, when we opened google maps all the traffic records in the roads were BLOOD RED which means they are all clogged up.

The Bintaro toll was clogged so we wanted to head through the mebon jeruk toll through the backroads. But the backroads were also clogged up. One turn led to a detour which took us on a roundy round road to ciledug which was also clogged up. The auntie was giving off sour faces to my uncle for his choice of roads, i just kept to myself and focused on driving the damn car. But eventually we reached a small road which leads to taman anggrek and that means we only need about 5 minutes drive to central park from there...theorethically. But since the traffic was horrible it took us 15 minutes :p

Anyways we arrived in central park all starving, we had a "snack" in burger king and also to meet up with my dad who has managed to sneak off from his symposium in Cipto hospital. Central park looked a lot like vivo city singapore, or at least it tried to. The place was chock full of people and the toilets were dirty because the cleaners dont have a chance to clean because people kept using the potty. Parking connections were also a bit messed up, they had 2 LG levels which were below ground levels, they were seperated by half a level and the mall entrances were not strategically placed.

But out of those cons the place had, central park has a gem hidden under its sleave, yes you guesed it, an actual central park. The center of the mall was a park which was surrounded also by the pullman hotel and there were many restaurants around it. The place is such a great photo op place, especially after the sun goes down. The trees were covered in neon and it looked like the roads in alam sutra in BSD.

Overall todays small adventure to central park was not worth it in my opinion. Sure the place is nice with its wide collection of shops there, but the road getting there was too far if you live down south, and there were no luxury boutiques like LV and dior...not that i go to those minds of shops or anything. But todays jouney isnt all the buzzkill, after all getting to hour destination is already half the fun right?

But what do you think about central park mall? Is it a good place to hang in? Maybe for the people living near the mall...