Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is... Dishonored

Dishonored is Bethesda's new first person-stealth action game developed by Arkane studios that emphasizes on choice.The whole game is based on choice.So many choices that you feel like you have to think before you kill that one guard in front of you.

The game tells a story about Corvo Atano, the once trusted royal bodyguard of the empress of Dunwall, that is framed for her murder and abduction of the empress's daughter, the rightful heir to the throne.Corvo sets out on a quest to clear his name now as an assassin with supernatural powers such as teleportation, x ray vision, the ability to bend time, etc.May i point out that the city of Dunwall is also having a plague outbreak that is also killing half of the city, making the game a bit more dark.

The first thought i had when i put the disc in the ps3 tray is that i will see some washed out art style that has been used in Bethesda's previous games, but to my surprise the game looks like a refreshed team fortress with a bit of half life 2 on the side.As i did a little research, i now know where the art comes from; Viktor Antonov, the visual design director who is also in charge in City 17, and above all the technologies in half life 2.The games main designer are the guys who made Deus Ex human revolution, hence the games Choice mechanism.

this reminds me of the walkers of half life 2 and a bit of portal touch.
The enemies vary from watch guards, to religious watch guards, then to some plague victims, etc.More enemies are introduced further in the game but the majority of the enemies are all the 3 above.The city is your sandbox, the whole level is so open world, even though this is actually a scripted level.After killing or neutralizing your target, you can go and explore the rest of the level before going back to your boatman and ending the game.

Burn baby

Heres a bit of spoilers for you; you can beat the game without killing a single soul, and you will get an achievement for it.Of course for my first play through i did not go this route because i accidentally stabbed an old lady in the neck and dropped a guard to the rat cages.You can go out and do a killing spree but then more rats will be in the city due to the dead bodies, and that means a more darker ending.The game also focuses on the stealth parts which require you to get creative while choosing your infiltration route to your target.The powers are upgradable and you get an assortment of skills to choose from your base skill the "blink" or teleportation.My favorite is dark vision, which allows you to see through walls and see your enemies line of sight.

Overall the game is quite entertaining, i've finished the game on a low chaos and got a good ending, now im trying for a higher chaos level which will give me a bad ending.Dishonored is a game about assassins, but it is no assassins creed.Dishonored is a game that lets you let targets live, but then makes you feel awful because that person is now banished and has the plague.The game isn't low on action either so it is sure to get you pumping and screaming as you play.Long story short, 450.000 rupiah well spent.

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