Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things are good

Im back in my rightful office A.K.A in my room, writing to you all in this wonderful mercredi. Why am i not in school you ask? Well for once today i dont have any apparent reason to skip, i mean not go to school. I have an appointment with my friends flagyl forte, and parolit. My stomachs not really felling good this morning and my mom told me to stay at home, and because she's a doctor and all i decided to follow her instructions. So if you asked me why Im at home... doctors orders.

In other news, my missing red yoyo is back. I've located it under the piles of books on my desk that i dont bother to make up. It was there since I moved in to my room. Im glad its back because those things cost quite a dime a pop. Im ggonna get my ID sorted out too today because im free for the day. Hopefully i can still drop by LaREC today to attendd my writing course.

But until 9 o clock, let the lolly gagging begin!

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