Friday, November 9, 2012

They're ACTION figures...

When i moved in to my new house all the stuff are packed tight and stored away for transport.These stuff include some of my toys which means a lot to me.Today was chemistry paper 4 day and i had the morning off to myself.I decided to rearrange the figures that are forcefully arranged by Mr sito and wife.

The Lego Bionicle

Over the course of my childhood my parents have always bought me lego for my source of toys.For some reason they wont let me buy "pre built" plastic toys like those digimon action figures back in the day.But alas lego's are made from plastic so that throws away that theory.Since i can remember, i have collected dozens of lego series dating back to knights kingdom, but bionicle's have always been my passion.Out of the countless bionicles which i have, these guys are the one's still in complete form and located near my general vicinity, the rest of the lego's are stored in containers throughout the house.
The Toa inika in a complete set of 6 which my mum bought for me back in 2010 in a lego convention in Senayan city.They were out for Rp 1.200.000 for the 6 which made them 200 a piece.I would love to tell you the complete story back from the beginning but im just too damn lazy.Long story short the toa's are heroes in the bionicle world and the toa inika are the 2nd to last generation of toa's inside the universe, although there are more toa's in alternate dimensions but i focus primarily on the core story of bionicle.There are also 2 other figures which are the successor of the green and white toa you see on the picture above, but the white one is missing in action and the green one is incomplete and missing his gun, probably still attached to the white one.

The army dudes

Alright now onto the big guns.These 2 are the ONLY complete action figures who are legitimately accurate to their counterparts in the service and in 1/32 goodness.Well not that accurate but you get the idea.The first army figure i got is the one in green camo on the right, it was at the 5th jakarta toys and comic fair.I didnt bought him complete in one go, it took me 2 years to finally put him together.Between the completion of the jungle warfare captain, i bought the figure on the left NAKED, no weapons, no vest's, only clothes.But i managed to complete him together with the jungle camo guy and they have been like this ever since.I have some other accessories stored away in compartments also and a naked figure of Pierce Brosnan somewhere in the containers waiting to be unveiled also.

Oh and i would like to notify that these are not dolls, they're ACTION figures okay? enough said.

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