Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roof Party

Alright its almost the 20th of November and that means its almost my birthday woot! I am thinking of throwing a party at my new home to celebrate my coming of the age 17, or we can call it my sweet 17th birthday party.My house has a big livingroom downstairs and all but i want to make this year special, it is the year where i get my VALID id after all.

As i just recognized, the house has an extra half floor above the second one which is a roof duct.The place looks sick because i can set it up into a rooftop party with music, and lights, and all that party stuff.The place could probably hold around 50 to 70 people tops because we have to consider the size of the place, i dont want anyone taking a fall from up there and down onto my pool area because that could end up nasty.

As of right this second i've only invited one person to the party but lets see how the list go on as we progress to the big day.As for alcohol, well there wont be any because i dont drink, and again i dont want any guest pissed drunk and then taking a spill down to the ground, that would be bad for my profile...

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