Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jakartas street food night life

Tonight is a scheduled operation date of my dads and it so happends to be the muslim new years eve.To celebrate this wonderfull ocation my mum and i tagged along for a ride to the Coet Moetia mosque in menteng.

At the mosque we did our Magrib prayers and we read the new years prayer afterwards.The Cut moetia mosque i highly recommend for a place to pray in menteng because it has a distinct atmosphere that you surely will love.

After we dropped dad at the clinic in Raden saleh, me the lord and mummy continued our journey to the heart of sabang home of the now degraded department store...Robinsons, yes we have robinsons here in Jakarta but they really let the place go and now its an open air 3 story store which sells stuff almost the same as mall blok m.We didnt want to stop in sabang but we had to because the Mrs. Wanted some sate padang there.

Afterwards is the main event, mutton fried rice in Kebon sirih.The place is very popular and a staple for me and the lord each time we go to central Jakarta.Tonight is a weekend night and thus the place was packed.So packed that we decided to take out and eat in the car.Apperarently there was a line there because they actually ran out of fried rice and is forced to cook some more.Because of this freshed cook rice, i can still taste the mutton guessed it, the samin oil.I dont know why, but almost all of the street stalls that either sells fried rice,martabak, and other middle eastern food uses samin oil.I can still taste it right now.

Right now i am typing this in my car parked at a Sederhana Padang restaurants parking lot while my mum chows down on some chicken porridge from accros the street, waiting for my dad to finish his operation.I didnt bring my laptop and trying out my new Blogger app which is quite nice actually.But i dont know how this post will end up online.Oh well.

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