Monday, November 12, 2012

Good day at home

Oh my god its been almost 2 weeks or more now since i've "properly" went to school.and by "properly" i mean i go to school and complete the cycle for a whole week.The cambridge exams are on and they are all mostly scheduled at around 2 o clock in the afternoon, and because of that i dont go to school during a scheduled exam date like today.

Mostly this is a good thing but now im in the 12th grade which means lots of things to do before the final national exam. To make things worst, i've skipped up on most of the materials being studied today at class AS WE SPEAK.For all i care i just need to catch up on my Physics and Chemistry...and biology, maybe math, and dont forget that Indonesian language assignment i've managed to hold on until now, oh my god there are so much things to do!

But i will hold on to my commitment for now and that means i need to concentrate on my cambridge exams, which means more school skipping, er i mean study at home :D

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