Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EOS digital

Now what goes through your mind when you see that picture? is that moving thing photoshoped? well it looks photoshoped but it isnt. Is Keanu taking on photography? heck yeah.

My sister used to be an amateur photographer during her highschool days and she invested in a canon 450d dslr camera. She hasnt used it for a while and the things been sitting inside the moisture box ever since. I always wanted to use a dslr the right way but i havent tried to until now. 

I took some pictures with the "P" settings or program to give me a bit of control over the usual auto settings my dad used when he takes photo with this little nugget.I may need a bit of practice and i should probably invest in some photoshop practices to edit the color schemes etc. I have a friend who's taking a photography major in Lasale, hope he can teach me a couple of stuff...

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