Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking dawn part two

Its Sunday so that means heres a new movie review.Well i wont be doing this every Sunday but earlier this evening, me and my family just happen to watch it on the theater. As we all know this is the final movie in the saga.The producers thought that they can deny the inevitable by making a part one movie just like that harry potter movie.And it worked, but only for a time.They had to make this movie because if they dont, then we will only have a dying Bella and a vampire baby that we dont know about.

I'll be frank with you, i am a fan of the twilight saga but only the movie.I dont know why but i just love seeing it.Because of this i will leak out some of the spoilers to this movie.... Jacob took of his clothes in the early parts of the movie! There i said it.Anyways the movie continued just as it was left off on the last breaking dawn movie.Bella is bitten and turned into a vampire by Edward cullen in order to save her from her bloodthirsty hybrid baby that is eating Bella from the inside during carriage.The baby Renesme, grew in a inhumanly phase and when she was roughly about a toddler and was seen playing with Jacob and Bella by Irina, another vampire and was thought to be an immortal child.

Immortal childs have to be killed according to the coven rules, but Renesmee isnt an immortal child because she wasnt bitten when she was turn, she just came out that way.The vampire high council back in Italy heard of this news and went in to kill her off.But bella and Edward didnt want their baby killed, so they gathered vampires from accross the world to bare witness that Renesmee isn't an immortal child.

At the end of the movie, there was this big fight between the vampires from the council and the vampires and warewolfs that are united by the Cullens.This sequence of the movie was full of head snapping, body burning, and dog face munching.Even i really thought that it wasnt gonna end in a bloodbath i mean it is the final movie and i was expecting a happy ending... not this.The good vampires are dwindeled in number and some of the wolfpack members are killed to including Seth and Irina, Jacob was running away from the fight while carrying Renesmee away to Washington.Vut then Edward and Bella is able to snap off the councils head off and when Bella was about to burn his head suddenly reality snaps back and it was back to the beginning of the fight!Apparently Alice gave the high council leader the "future" if he had gone off and attacked the good vampires.What a Mindf*&k!.

The movie ends by Jacob, Edward, Bella and Renesmee hugging each other as they said farewell to their global vampires friends.And when the Christina Perri song played, it was back to Bella and Edward in the flower field having a reminiscence from the first time they met in highschool, the car crash, Edwards failed attempt at suicide, their marriage, and all those other things that happen in the past.I like that part of the movie, it almost makes me cry because it was the last movie that all the actors would play in the twilight saga.Well at least Jacobs still got that awesome 6 pack.

Oh and there is another version of "a thousand years" song where a dude sings together with Christina during the credits roll.I am tasked to find it for my mom, which i havent begin to search for...

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