Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bandung Roadtrip

Today at November 4th 2012, one of my late grandfathers baby brother passed away.Apparently he had a hard attack and never came back from it, rest in peace.The funeral is set in Bandung and since nobody can plan death, my family who just moved in to our new home sets off to Bandung to attend the funeral.Me, i was just excited to go to Bandung because i am such a facetious person.

Bandung can be reached by a 1 half hour car ride through the Cipularang toll.Cipularang is a very dangerous place because the roads are unstable and it has claimed many life throughout its completion.That's why we say our prayers when we cross one of its bridges to keep us safe.It didnt take long before we arrived and had to look for the cemetery.The cemetery is said to be near the Cikutra Heroes memorial area.One of my auntie said on the phone to turn left at the memorial.We did and we were sent up a narrow road up a hillside area when we finally stopped when we think that we are going nowhere.We called my mums big bro who is a local there and he told us to turn RIGHT at the memorial.Apparently his wife, the one we just called before did not know where we were from when we hit the memorial.

We didnt waste any time at the cemetery, we just arrived, then climbed up the stairs in the cemetery to get to the burial site, arrived exhausted, say hi to the remaining family members near the grave, say our prayers to my deceased grandfather's brother, then head on down back to our car and went away to the funeral home to say our condolence to the wife and daughter of the deceased.It only took us around 10 minutes in the funeral home where we say our goodbye's and let the fun begin!

 We head off to buy a Bandung pastry specialty which is the soes merdeka.Soes merdeka is a famous brand in Bandung, they make one of the best soes in the world.Soes is some kind of Dutch pastry that we Indonesians localize to meet our standards which means adding more rum in the cream mix.The soes are like the ones my mum used to make, except that mum isn't an alcoholic like the mad pastry chefs at soes merdeka.Nevertheless they still taste great and we love em.

 The next spot to hit is to have lunch because we are so hungry.Now here's a a real Bandung thing; the popular menu that they eat there are batagors, bakso, noodles, and for drinks strawberry juice.The most famous joint to have all of the above besides the strawberry juice is batagor Kingsley.My cousin is friends with the owners of the place and we've been regulars there ever since our first trip there.The place is always packed and even we have to wait for a table, fortunately we didnt wait long before we got a table.My mum and i had the batagor kuah which is an insult to my driver the lord.He thinks that its wrong to have something that is supposed to be eaten fried, eaten with soup.Well he does have a point because batagor means "baso tahu goreng" which means fried meatballs and tofu.My sister had a batagor and my dad ate some meatball noodles.And for the Lord, well i bet you already know the answer.

 Before we went home, we bought some cake at another famous pastry shop in Bandung called kartika sari.I didnt like any of the cake's they made because i'm no fan of boiled brownies or layered rainbow cakes.My dad insisted on praying at a nearby mosque before hitting the highway back home.So we did at the An nuur mosque.The place is quite nice, it has a cool atmosphere, clean, and a wooden floor. Alright this is the 2nd mosque i've been to in Bandung which has wooden flooring and i now have a theory that good mosque's in Bandung have wooden flooring planks...noted.
We arrived at the toll just as this big freak storm happens on the highway.Sure it does not look that bad on the picture but it was if you were there with me.And it was on the Cipularang part too which made it 100 times scarier.I was scared that the car would slip up and fell of a cliff, but luckily that didn't happen and we were back in our homes safe and sound ready to meet my mums other brother back at home.Here's another picture of the storm...

look at that bad boy...

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