Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

Its Sunday night and i have to face the facts that tomorrow i will be going back to my regular routines.Wake up, got to school, then back home, maybe study for Cambridge, then bed.But before go to sleep tonight, i always have a quick recap of the things happening during my saturday and sunday weekends.

Yesterday i watched Gandang's band play at Skyavenue 12, of course almost no one besides me, his girlfriend, and some of my classmates were the only ones watching his band played because no one hardly knew them.But they played okay, and the bands lead vocalist a looker...(No HOMO).After Skyave, i went to Bintaro to meetup with my family.Had a break then off to Kharina's birthday party at Menteng.The party's at Gandy's steakhouse which is some sort of family restaurant shimadadong, but i get to hang with some of my friends there.The downside was i had to drive my friends Dhira and Riri back home, well not to their houses.Dhira was picked up by her dad near Brawijaya, as for Riri, well i dropped her off at her house.

Sunday morning was slow, i woke up, then checked out my "new old house" in Metro alam.Its in the same neighborhood as my house right now, but a bit more near PIM.We are scheduled to move there in a couple of months now.Then we head off to Gancy for Lotte mart.After that i pretty much stayed at home, and now im writing this blog post, reminiscing about the stuff i did on my weekends.

Oh and i also did this cool little artwork for Gandang's band, he said he wanted help making his bands logo, but he rejected this picture because he didnt dig the owl, haha...

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