Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Bread In The World

Alright, its Idul adha and my sister is coming back from school for the holidays or about 10 days.There are some things that my mum wanted her to grab for my mum before she hopped on the airplane and went back home.But under all those magazines, korean drama movies, and lipsticks lies a diamond in the rust...The BEST bread in the world!!

These babies are the bomb.They are ok by them self's, but even better when they are combined with your favorite bread spread.My favorite spread is the laughing cow cream cheese, but you can use whatever you want on them and they still taste awesome. The loafs are made by Gardenia, a famous bakery who makes marvelous breads... what you dont know them? google them! How dare you insult the people who makes this wonderful creation appear in the face of the earth for you and i to enjoy!
Aside from the best bread in the world, my sister also brought me and my mum a "dirty" springwash by Lush.Lush used to have an outlet in Jakarta, but they closed down due to minor problems and then we never bought another soap from them.I've seen the normal and small bottle for this thing, but i didn't know they have a big bottle version!I was so surprised but happy at the same time because my skin could feel fresh, minty, and tingly after my shower... no, it really says that on the bottle.

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