Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taking the math test... again

Today is the beginning of the cambridge exams, and what better way to celebrate it with doing paper 1 of mathematics.Of course i studied before the exam, as i always do.But last year the exam was so hard that i got a U for math, and i cried when i got the results.

Today i did not go to school because i had to prepare for the exam on my own.Neither that, or i was just so lazy and didnt want to go to class.Either way i went so SMAN78 to take the test, because my school is not a designated Cambridge exam center.I went there at around 1 o clock and met up with my friends there taking the test also.There aren't many of us taking the test, only 6.

As soon as the test began at 2.30 PM, i scrambled and did the questions.Amazingly out of 11 questions, i did 8 to 9 questions which is almost a 100% increase from last years 4 questions answered.The test was not that hard, hopefully i would get a good mark for this part of the math test.There are 3 more math papers and a hole lot of biology, physichs, and chemistry papers.But until the 19th of October, its smooth sailing from here.

Should i take my mid semesters or what...

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