Saturday, October 13, 2012

Moving Out Plans

Right now i am still leaving with my parents at my uncles house in Pondok indah while he and his wife lives in Bintaro,But now he is planning on redecorating the house so we had to move out.The prime candidate for our new home location is my dads old house a couple of blocks away from my home right now.The condition of the house is in an unlivable state per our family standards, lots of dirt everywhere, no greenery, paint peeling off and crusty, etc.So to make our living space more livable, we are also redecorating our new "old" house.

Here's a little history recap.The house was originally my grandfathers, he design it himself and built it to his standards.I used to live there when i was in elementary school while we waited for my other house in Cipete being built.The place is not bad, when you left out some of the creepy area's in the house.But my dad says that because we are descendants of my grandfather then the "security" in the house wont bother us.Well even if i don't believe stuff like that, just hearing the reassuring words of my dad makes me feel better.

The house is being painted, and some of the dirt dug up to make space for some of the tree's my mum is going to import from our house right now.Today my dad got the afternoon off so we can check out whats happening on the projects.I brought my Penny board so i can cruise around the house in style.Today my dad checked out some of the paintwork thats done while making some measurments to make sure our furniture fits inside the rooms.We planned on living in the second floor while leaving most of the first floor bedrooms the same to anticipate my grandmother barging in uninvited (no offense grandma).I got to get a separate room and plan on moving a piano and my drumkit inside.But im also considering using my grandpa's old office as a whole music room so that i can get more room in my bedroom.

With all the thought of the renovations though, we decided to take thins slow on moving.Just let the flow go and enjoy the process because in the end we are going to live there for some reason:D. We are scheduled to move there this "big" moon, or whatever the hell that means...

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