Monday, October 1, 2012

JPG Bike trail Riding

I was supposed to write this yesterday, but due to the fact that i was pretty damn tired after riding the trails with my uncle and his friend's, i had to take the rest of the day off.

On Saturday night, my uncle dropped by my house and said that he was going to do some trail riding with his friend's on the JPG bike trails and then a trip to UI in Depok.I needed something to do so i tagged along with him.I drove up to his house in Bintaro Sunday morning and arrived at around 6.30 in the morning.We prepped up, meet up with the rest of the group and then set off to the JPG trails.

 When my uncle said that we were going for a stroll on mountain bikes, apparently he was talking pro standards.The road getting there was mediocre, nothing difficult not counting some of the harsh ascends though.But when we arrived in the trails, the "fun" really begins.Sharp turns, mixed together with steep inclines INTO sharp turns, and the crazy bumpy ascends uphill, and then criss - crossing trails just enough for the bike tires to barely grip on.As it was my first time riding there, i chickened out on some of the obstacles because i haven't the courage to go past them.

After we were quite satisfied (actually, after THEY are satisfied...) we head off intentionally to UI, but we stopped a quater way there, because my uncle thinks that we (me) are tired and cant stand the heat.What makes me tired isn't the distance, its just the climate, i cant stand the hotness of the scorching sun.So we head back and go around the back dirt trails of serpong, across a railroad track, through small steel bridges across rivers, and then an uphill climb back to the JPG bike trail start point.We had a break and drink some coconut water ( which was a bad idea because it will make your body feel weak), then we head back to Bintaro and had breakfast at a pecel joint near my uncles house.

Overall the trip was okay, my uncle thinks that i can do better with a little more practice here and there, also work on my technique and so on...
Had to admit that even though the bike riding did make me tired, it did bring some new scenery and a change of pace.From the urban buildings and suburbs, i rode to hillside area's, and rice paddy's which are wonderful.And even go through some of the happy villagers home along the trails and backroads, which is a new experience to me, but it helped me experience a whole new neighborhood that i have NEVER went through.I may be tired, but at least im happy...

...Or not...

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