Saturday, October 27, 2012

iPhone Historia

The iphone has been around since forever as i can remember them.I bought my first one in 2010 and have been an iphone user since.These are the stories about them.

The 3g

I bought this baby when everyone thinks that the iphone wasn't worth it.After market sales drops drastically because demand for them was so low, back then everyone were using their blackberries and they were all the rage.My dad offered me to buy a blackberry but i refused and went with this guy.I learned EVERYTHING from this 3g.I learned how to jailbreak my phone, mess it up in the process, learned the crappy apple phone policy, and then even learned how to restore the phone back to "out of the box" state.I opted for a thick sports silicone case for the iphone because i like the added safety it gave me,
The years pass or actually about 8 months passed and the iphone 3gs came out on sale, a few months later the iphone 4 came out and then my 3g was officially outdated.New apps became less efficient and laggy on my phone because they were optimal for the newer iphones but not my old 3g.But i sticked around with my 3g and still runs it jailbroken, and i tweaked it to seem "faster" but it only seemed faster when i switch pages between my apps screen, not faster in hardware terms.

The 4s

After the iphone 4 was squeezed out by apple, came the 4s.My parents bought my sister a 4s for her birthday.Because the 4s had a new app called siri pre-installed i was eager to try it out on my sisters new phone.I liked siri because it can talk, no really it talks.Other than that, the phone was faster, newer, and above all... faster.It can run games in high definition and has a faster processor and more RAM than my old 3g.
My parents, seing that i play around with my sisters 4s a lot, decided to buy me a 4s so i would not bother her again.It was a school night and i just arrived late from school, my mum suddenly barged out the bedroom door and asked me how to turn "it" on."it" turns out to be my new 4s, i thought that it was some kind of new gps system because it has a damn thick case which is cool but kind of a bother in your pockets coz the home buttons constantly gets pushed accidentally and then siri began talking inside my pockets.But with the flaws i still love this phone because its new and i can run some newer apps on it FASTER.

I still keep my 3g around because i cant throw it away, not after it taught me all the important lessons in iphone using, jailbreaking, etc.Maybe i would make some "guy destroys iphone" video on youtube and get rid of the 3g that way, but that seems pretty unlikely.

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