Monday, September 3, 2012

Things we do at school (when the teachers are out)

There comes a time in every persons life, when they have to endure a vile creature also known as school for 12 years everyday for 8 hours a day.One of those person happens to be me, everyday its the same routine, i wake up at 5, shower then breakfast, put on my uniform and then go to school, arrive at school and study, go home, be tired of school while doing some homework, then finally bed.

But there are times during that 8 hours at school when the teachers are out, simply because they had other errands to run, or just because they are fed up with students and refused to teach during said period.And during that time gap, we students utilize that space to catch up on some things we miss out when we are at home.Here are a few examples.


The most popular activity in the early mornings of school.My classmates usually turn in at their tables and catch up on some lost sleeping times that they happen to forgot when they are at home and busy playing or doing an all - night assignment that was scheduled since the last week.We on our tables, on the floor, or any place thats free and can be used as a make do mattress for a couple of minutes before the teacher arrives.

2.Take pictures

If your stuck in an education environment for 8 hours, why not make that 8 hours, a FUN 8 hours with friends? And why not document these precious moments with photographs of you and your classmates, just so you could remember;"Hey that was the picture we took when the IT teacher was absent for the 3rd time that week!".


This is somewhat a rare and unique experience and only found in my classroom.One of my firends Gandang got real creative and brings his xbox to class and hooks it up to one of the lcd monitors at the back of the class and then its all downhill from there.The most favourite game we play is mostly fifa12 because its a multiplayer game and the guys loves it.

Those are just some of the things we do at school to keep us occupied, what about you? Do you play video games in class too?

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