Monday, September 10, 2012

The Trip to Singapore

My sister was home for the Idul Fitri holidays and after 3 weeks, it was time for her to go back and continue her studies in Singapore.I dont know why, but my family thinks that we should tag along with her to Singapore to drop her off there while getting some R&R for our self's altogether.We booked our flights before she was even here and we got a sweet deal from jetstar, 20$ per person return flight from here to Singapore which was pretty MAD if you ask me.


So we Fly to Singapore on the 5th of September in the morning.I had to skip some school days but hey you gotta sacrifice some things.... for something better right?(no). The flight to Singapore was a standard 1 and a half hours and the time in Singapore was 1 hour faster then Jakarta if you are wandering.

The first thing when we got to Singapore was Checking in to the hotel, my sister had a class schedule, so she didn't come with me my mum and my dad to the hotel, instead she went to her HDB( high development building) and then to university.The hotel of choice was the Concorde hotel in orchard road, just after Center Point and Orchard central.The room wasn't ready yet so we dropped our luggage and walked around Orchard until around 2 o clock in the afternoon.After the room was ready we went to the hotel room for prayer and waited for my sister to meet us back in orchard road, after we met up, it was off to IKEA in Tampines.

My Mum and Bry-Bry the doll
IKEA is a famous furniture mega store based in Switzerland.We don't have IKEA in Jakarta and The one in Singapore was the nearest one from us.Lots of Indonesians like to go there to buy some furniture, but we were there because my sister needed some mirrors and a drawer for her room in Singapore. IKEA does not just sell furniture, they also sell some household cutlery, tools, pillows, bedsheets, and even dolls.We picked up a 3 drawer cupboard( if that even makes sense) and a 2x1 meter mirror.The stuff we picked up came as a knock down or "not yet assembled" items, so we need to find out how to put them together.Luckily my sisters host knows a reliable handyman who can help her put the stuff together, which is a good news for me and my dad which means that we didn't have to go through all the trouble of putting a drawer together and drilling a mirror to my sisters wardrobe.

After we were done at IKEA we went to my sisters HDB to drop the furniture.We took a break in my sisters room only to find the horrors waiting at my sisters wardrobe...

My sister is well known for being lazy when doing the washing up but this was just ridiculous, i mean look at that wardrobe, its just a big pile of bundled up clothing inside a wardrobe which is now not a wardrobe but a sinking ship.Anyways my mum decided to help her out with cleaning her room for around half an hour when we finally finished and decided to go out agin in orchard for an evenings walkabout.


Harbor front view
Day 2 started slow with a late wakeup in the hotel. My sister decided to stay with us at the hotel during our period in Singapore.She had an early class so she went off at around 7 in the morning and went to class, i was half asleep so my dad had to company her to the mrt station in Dhobby Ghout.After he went back, my mum, me and my dad walked around orchard while doing some light shopping. We stopped over at GNC for some pills, stop by LUSH to buy some soap, Stop by the VANS store at Ion to pick up some new kicks for me, then we had lunch in burgerking.After we finished our lunch we head off to meetup with my sister again in raffles city to eat some other food.At this point i was so full, but then again walking around anywhere you had to go burns out some of the food you eat, so we ate some pepper lunch again at raffles city.Before we went home we stopped over at vivo city for some afternoon sight see.


Today we were scheduled to get some things for my uncle Bima and my Aunt lilieq. My uncle wants us to pick him out a watch for him, we opted for a g shock for him because he needed a watch that has a compass on it.The nearest G-factory we could think of was the one in Takashimaya.A little history for you shoppers out there, Takashimaya department store was opened established in 1988 and it has been sucking tourist money from different parts of the world ever since.The Place is so popular with the tourist crowd for its renown tourist discount giving abilities.We bought my uncles watch there, and my mom also picked up a swatch and a pair of birkenstocks there.This day of the trip was Friday, so me and my dad has to go to the mosque behind Paragon mall to do our Friday prayers.After the prayers were done the family and i decided to go to Bugis to do a little exploring, and i happen to know a good place to eat there which i learned during my trip to Singapore with my Classmates a couple of months ago, QI JI, a restaurant specializing in nasi lemak and other singaporean and malaysian delicacies, and it has the halal sign at the front of the restaurant.

At around 3 o clock my mum wanted to see clarke quay, and so we went there... by bus, we missed the bus stop to boat quay and end up in the office buildings surrounding the singaporean city hall.For the last 2 days all i've been doing is going in and around malls, no adventure whatsoever.But now i got what i wanted for, and in advance too.We were lost for a couple of minutes, and then we diceded to asked a local for help, he pointed us to the nearest mrt station which was in raffles.After we took the mrt from raffles to clarke quay my mum was devastated because it was raining outside so it was definite no-go for clarke quay.My mum was interested in one of the figure statues in the underground tunnel ways so she took a picture with one of them.It was getting late and tomorrow we were going home, so we needed to pack the stuff we had for the flight.Before we head for the hotel we stopped by Harvey Normans to buy a printer for our house.

apparently we had so many stuff in our disposal

The Final Day

Miraculously, against all odds our stuff was neatly packed in our luggage, even the printer was packed as a silver suitcase so we can bring them protectively and easily . We checked out from the hotel at 10 and left the baggage at the concierge because we wanted to have lunch with my sister before we left.We had lunch at a hawker fare in Bugis, and had desert at swensens. After we were finished with lunch we walked around Bugis for a bit, then we went back to the hotel to pick-up our luggage, then we said goodbye to Karin as we dropped her off at her HDB while we were on our way to the airport.Me, my dad, and my mum checked in to our flight at around 4-5 o clock, but our flight was at 8 so we had a long time to wait for till the flight.My mum shopped around the airport terminal in Changi to kill time.It was 8 o clock and we boarded our flight to Jakarta and then we were in Soekarno Hatta international Airport Jakarta.The printer and other luggage got through the customs guys unnoticed ( we were under the normal family limit anyways) and then we were home free.

We were picked up by my driver "lord Chamberlane" and then we were driven home to Pondok Indah. I was so tired that i didnt even bother to eat dinner with my mum and dad once we got home, and just went straiht to bed.

This Singapore trip is almost the same to all of my other trips but this one is special, because it involves my sister, IKEA, and the cat and mouse game with the Customs guys (even though i've been through countless of times). Trips to Singapore are always a memorable one, even though they could get boring after the 100th time...


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