Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Guide to Random Photography

Through the course of my life i have taken countless of random or sometimes even incomprehensible photographs with my camera phone.The earliest record was a picture of one of the construction worker working on my house when i was a 6th grader, taken on a nokia 7250.The rest is history, i began snapping pictures in public spaces, sometimes even told not to by the local security.The pictures i took are taken in totally random, non setting situations.Sometimes i just take crap pictures, but when i time it right, the pictures are just playing awesome.To hep you, and other people experience the joy of the art which i self-named "random photography" i have compiled a simple guide to help you get some ideas, as well as tips when doing some rantography.

1.Try and take pictures that You experience

What i mean by experience is, try to take pictures that are connected to your day to day life.Something that you will have to put up with during your 9 to 5 grind everyday.Since i still go to school, some of the pictures i took are themed to a school environment like pictures of the items in my friends backpack that i raided while he was not looking.


This is a key tip when doing rantography, timing.The picture on the right is a very clever example of good timing when snapping pictures.Even though the target ( and myself, inside a double deck bus) are moving in a generally fast speed, the taxi's and the scenery of the sidewalk and the trees are still and not blurry as you would see them if you are moving very fast.Frankly speaking, i was lucky with this one.Which brings us to the next tip...

 3.Be at the right place, at the right time...


Taking pictures of your uncle and mother together in one shot is easy, all you need is both of them in the line of sight of your camera, and then take the picture.But taking a picture of your uncle trying to take a picture of your mom on the beach is a little bit tricky, you will have to be with them when they are actually doing the task( does not make sense? then forget it...). Some of the most beautiful pictures are the ones caught unnoticed.

4.If you caught a bad one, just capture another one...


This tip does not only work when capturing pokemons, it also works in rantography. When the picture you get is a shaky one, don't worry, just try and take another one.If the second one is bad and the moment is loss, then maybe the first shaky picture IS the moment.Even though its shaky, YOU still know what it is about, and you can tell other people about it, tell them the story.This tip even though sounds like someone in denial, it could make you fell better at your failures :P

5.Be subtle, and have fun.


Finally, all you have to next is go out to the world and take pictures, have fun while doing it, and share the pictures you took with the people around you, and who knows, you might win some sort of photo contest or something, and say that you took the picture by accident, and laugh as you see the awe faces of the pro photographers you managed to beat.... although it seems unlikely...

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