Thursday, September 27, 2012

The DNA series

My Biology teacher gave my class a group assignment, to make a DNA series. Yes, a freakin DNA series, from paper, toothpicks, softboard nails, and some stylofoam (actually it needs some wine bottle plugs, but they are so damn expensive). Knowing the complexity of the assignment, i quickly group up with the people i know who likes to do school stuff quickly; Kharina and "JP". The assignment was given last friday and due tomorow or monday, we wanted to do them quickly so we had to do them this week. But because of the constant tutorials i need to endure, i cannot do the assignment on monday untill wednesday, we have to do it today.

The group opted for my house as prime location to meet up and do the damn DNA thing.I had to cut the stylofoam into 48 individual round pieces, then JP had to paint them while Kharina makes arrangements and cut out the dna base from cardstock. After those are done, we grouped up to put them all together into one big DNA series.At around 7 P.M we were done, or we thought we did, because the nails cant hold up the toothpicked stylofoam and the whole series crippled and Kharina decided to break down the whole thing altogether and start all over, but this time we double taped the stylofoam to the paper square ( god help you to figure what that thing is), and then nail them.To my surprise, the workaround worked and we were glad to have this finished...
Sure the thing looks shaky, but it holds so that will have to do, lets just hope that we dont have to twirl the thing tomorow at class.Also i will be going to school late at around Friday Prayer time because im just that lazy to go to school :p

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