Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shooting The Voting sessions

My Nationality teacher (or KWN) gave my class a group assignment. The assignment was to make a short documentary on anything related to politics. My group consist of 7 people; Kharina, "JP", Yobbi, Calvin, Sukma, Gandang, and myself.Since the voting session for the Governor of Jakarta was today, the group decided to take some shots of people near the "TPS" (tempat pemungutan suara) near JP's house in Kalibata.

Her house is located inside the intelligence bureau of Indonesia , since her dads works there.I drove up to her house today bringing my handycam to meet up with the guys there.The first faces i saw there were the security guards at the gate asking what i was doing going to a restricted housing area.I explained to them that i was going to do an assignment with my friend who lives there, and then they let me in, no hassle whatsoever. But Yobbi and Calvin had to drop their citizen id cards for some reason when they went through the gate, since they were the first 2 to go inside.We waited for the rest of the kids to arrive and then we all went to the TPS near JP's house.

Thanks to JP's dad for pulling a few strings with the guys there, we managed to shoot some footage of people doing the voting session earlier today, we also did some interviews with them.We asked a few question to the voters, the committee, and even one of the buffed out military police there who sadly did not get a chance to vote because he is not a Jakarta citizen.I even did a few rounds on my penny board around the TPS which i must say have some excellent smooth roads and wonderful climate.The footage we got has not been edited yet and we may need to add some more to make the movie a bit longer.But until then, here is a picture of one of the people we interviewed...
Rock that hair...

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