Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday night at Le maison

Hey guys,

I've just arrived from a meet up with "Z" my math tutor and my friend Kharina in the shoppes area of Pondok indah.She studies there with Z and i happend to be in the neighborhood ( actually i was at home doing nothing) so i grabbed my skateboard and went of to meet them. Good thing Her family was kind enough to drop me off back at my place, because riding my skateboard through busy traffic at night is probably gonna be hell.

Anyways, my uncle dropped by to try out his mountain bike app for tomorow morning.I asked if i can tag along, he said okay.That means i will be tagging along with him and his friends tomorrow morning riding mountain bikes from bintaro to the forest near depok.Knowing my uncle, this is not gonna be a smooth road adventure so i'll best be prepared !

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