Sunday, September 23, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Demo

Resident evil, who hasn't heard of the resident evil series? Ever since the game came out on the PS1 , it has gathered an army of fanboys from all over the world.Resident evil is a survival horror game containing many amount of zombies and monsters of all kind.The zombies are not your ordinary "back from the dead" zombies, but a "raised in a lab" zombie, or call it simply bio weapons.I didnt get the chance to play the resident evil 5 on the next gen consoles, so i was eager to play the 6th installment of the game.The public demo is out now, but i played the exclusive demo included when i bought dragons dogma a couple of months back.The exclusive demo includes gameplay from 3 major characters in the game; Leon, Chris, and Jake.

1.Leon's demo

Leon's demo is staged in a small American college town named tall oaks.The demo starts with leon shooting the games President of the united states because he has turned to a zombie.Leon is filled with grief of shooting the president throughout the whole gameplay.This portion of the demo is centered in the dark story telling theme of the game where "all hope is lost".The level is filled with dark hallways, bloody doors, and a few "scare you" moments scattered in time's where you would'nt even expected it (or expected it).The demo starts getting interesting after the elevator portion, where Leon has to fight off hordes of zombies in an underground parking lot.The demo ends when Leon gets inside a security room and see's 2 college kids getting mauled by zombies.

2.Chris's demo

Chris redfield, former raccoon city S.T.A.R.S. , and BSAA agent is called back to lead a team of special operations unit in cleaning out a town overrun by bio weapons.The Setting in this part of the demo is a Chinese metropolitan rooftop area's.Although the beginning cinematic takes place somewhere in eastern Europe, the gameplay itself skips to the Chinese part.This section of the demo is my favorite because it focuses on the battle's.The constant need to switch to your sidearm when ammo is scarce, the random enemies popping out of staircases and corners, and the amazing finale of the level where Chris and his partner has to fend off hordes of enemies waiting for backup.The enemies here are no flesh eating zombies, but weapon wielding J'arvo's.J'arvo is some sort of word meaning "devil".Although this level features no zombies, the enemies start to mix up when we shoot their masks and they start mutating into either flying monsters or big muscled tanks.

3.Jake's demo

Jake is a new character in the series.Son of Albert Wesker, Jake is a mercenary who is being chased by a bio weapon called "Ustanak", a big scary thing with a bionic arm.This section of the demo demonstrates Resident evil 6 boss fights, this is the only section where i died...only once though.The game starts off with Jake being chased by Ustanak, after escaping the Ustanak (for a minute), Jake goes head to head with Ustanak.Spoiler ALERT: you can shoot the red explosive barrels when Ustanak is near one of them to hurt him, do this a couple of time to complete the level.Jake is supposedly Immune to the C virus, because of Weskers blood, he supposedly developes some kind of super human abilities in the game.In the demo, i see no proof of this power, maybe the developers are saving it for the real game?

In conclusion, this demo is worth my time, it has given me a taste of resident evil 6 and im hungry for more.I havent played through the other 3 character stories in the demo(partners). The demo lets you choose who to control in each story.This game is promising, and i hope that when the real game comes out in 2nd October, the game wont turn out to be a total rip off...

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