Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mac problems

My classmate Rizky just came back from the states and brought the guys an Eddy guerro dvd.I happend to bring my mac to school because i need some school work done, and since i've finished them i decided to let them borrow my mac to watch the dvd.We put it in and waited for the movie to start, only to be greeted by "this dvd is set to a region which is diffrent than the drive, you cannot change the region of this drive, eject".Turns out that my dvd drive on my mac is locked and cannot change to a region 1 settings! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....

After i got home i researched my problems at google, and founded out that i can only change the region settings on my drive for 5 times, and after the 5th change, the drive is locked to last region i switched to.I have changed the region settings a couple of times when trying to watch some of my mums original dvd's with difrent region settings!the last one was a region 2 dvd i think.

The next day i went to iBox and asked one of the mac genious there and he said that i have to restart the mac and press cmd+option+p+r and wait till the mac restarts 3 times.Since i did not brimg my mac that time i will have to wait till i got home to do that.But when i tried the trick at home, it didnt work, the dvd player still shows the crummy warning sign.

Devastated, i try my last wildcard, my old lg external dvd drive.I put the dvd there and boom it started like a charm! The movies start and a conclusion was made, Apple puts so many restricions to their devices even though the device is able to whistand such task.I will try to go back to iBox and probably get this sorted out.After all bringing an external drive everywhere i go while having an internal dvd drive on my laptop is kinda silly...

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