Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Piano Lessons

Back in elementary school, my mum wanted me and my sister to be able to play the piano, so she called in a piano tutor to teach us how to play.Every morning before we go to school she wanted us to play the piano a couple of minuites for practice.Me and my sister got tired of the forced tratment and decided to stop playing.My mum let us, because she thinks we should do what we like to do.

After years of not touching the piano i have come to regret the choice of stopping playing when i was a kid.Almost every concert, every hotel ballroom, even that David foster video i watched at home shows Piano playing at its best.Even though some were not classical pieces, they still made people who listen to them playing feel calm, wonderfull, and for me... jealous.I had to startover.

I have been playing some coldplay songs as a quick crashcourse before which i learned by watching some youtube videos.Watching videos while trying to mimic them on my piano was just playing impractical.So i opted for a long lost skill which i picked up back in elementary school which was sheet music reading.I searched the web for some free sheet music and downloaded them, or at least downloaded it.

Tomorow i will start playing the piano again, how does we are young by fun sounds?

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