Tuesday, July 12, 2011

School is back on

Hey people,

If you live in Jakarta then you know that school is back on.All those holiday days are over and back to those days where you meet up with friends and teacher.As for me,school started at monday but i took a "couple of days leave" due to the fact that i spent my last 4 days at my holiday doing "stuff" that normal students should,nt do but would be cool if they did.

New books,new assorments  of stationaries,and a new attitude are this months top of to-do list.As much as i hated to get books,my notebooks are fresh out so i need to get some asap.

Now im sleepy and i need to start writing,should i go to school tomorow?or use another day on my llegal "4 day leave"?

Let us see tomorow...

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