Monday, May 23, 2011


Hi in the following months ive grown a hobby to make stuff from old computers.

It all started back in 2010 when i tried to make an arcade(dingdong) machine to play old games with MAME(multiple arcade machine emulator),i ordered buttons but now its still not done yet :),hey good things come to those who wait right?.

Anyways last week i thought of how my friends have hi fi system to listen to cd's,but i dont have any cd and i own a vast collection of mp3's so i thought of jukebox system in the old days and said why not make an mp3 playing music dog to be my slave?

Here are some pics,

 This one is my sister's old puppy,i was looking for a dog to play with when she says'you can use that,go nuts on it".And went nuts i did,installed mame and frontend and now you wont recognize windows xp inside this baby thanks to some "regedit" modifiying.
This old dogy used to belong to my school back at elementary and now its a 24/7 mp3 slave to serve my mp3 goodies.Just need to hook this baby to an external audio reciever and some speakers and im all good.

Allright guess thats it for all you geeks out there just remember "good things come to those who create" even a girl :)

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