Monday, February 14, 2011

My "office"

Hey folks welcome to antoher post by yours trully.

this time i will be posting about my latest "office" setup (even though i rarely do work on it)
I've had lots of office dilly dallying but i think this setup suits me so take a look.

1.The tabletop
That is my monitors and speakers.Monitor on the left is a Benq LCD for the pc,and on the right is my grandpa's old crt monitor for the ps2(yes i still play).Keyboard and mouse by Benq and speakers by simbadda.

2.My PS2
 Sorry bout the shakiness,anyways.....Beside the pc is a shelf filled with stuff.The top shelf is my beautifull ps2 that i got from my circumsition at '05 i think.It connects to the crt monitor and under it is my sisters old speakers which is also by simbadda.

3.UNDER the Hood.
 This is where the magic happens,my cpu,printer,waspnest cable,and external (not pictured,a little to the left)
CPU is a core2 duo 2.66 ghz with 3 gb RAM and an nvidia 9600 gt 512mb.

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